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10 Sushi Rolls to Try in Corpus Christi

Whether spicy or sweet, raw or tempura, here are 10 of the best sushi rolls to try in the Coastal Bend.

Light My Fire Roll from Rock and Rolls Sushi

Photo via Rock and Rolls Sushi Lounge

Whether enjoyed raw or tempura style, sushi has easily become one of the most preferred international cuisines around the world. With a seemingly infinite number of variations to enjoy, there’s truly a roll for everyone. Here are 10 of our favorite sushi rolls in Corpus Christi. 


Light My Fire – Rock N’ Rolls Sushi Lounge

If you’re looking for a beautiful presentation with delectable taste, the Light My Fire roll from Rock N’ Rolls Sushi Lounge is the pick for you. This fiery roll comes with Katsu fried shrimp, avocado, salmon, spicy mayo, goat cheese, serrano peppers, sweet chili and tempura crunchies. It’s no wonder this roll is a customer favorite! 15121 S Padre Island Dr #101

Texas Tuna Roll – Water Street Sushi Room

If you love a roll with a kick of that Texas heat, Water Street Sushi Room’s Texas Tuna Roll is a must-try! With avocado, cucumber and yellow bell peppers, it’s the flavorsome jalapeno topped with spicy tuna mix and spicy mayo that really adds all the heat you could ask for. 309 N. Water St.

Mango Tango – Aka Sushi Downtown

Are you a mango fanatic? If so, then the delicious Mango Tango from Aka Sushi Downtown is calling your name! With Shrimp tempura, mango and avocado all topped with salmon and honey yuzu, this roll is the perfect tropical explosion of flavor. 415 N. Water St.

Lexington Roll – Umiya Sushi

If you’re looking for a roll the whole table will love, Umiya Sushi’s Lexington Roll is a top-tier pick. Made with snow crab, cream cheese and crawfish, this roll is wrapped with soy paper and deep-fried! An added bonus? This roll is on Umiya’s happy hour menu, which features a variety of great deals that are a must-try.  4101 S Padre Island Dr.

Steve McQueen – Oyshi Sushi Southside

Not a fan of carbs? The Steve McQueen roll from Oyshi Sushi Southside is perfect for all our carb-friendly readers. This rice-less roll is made with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, krab, escolar, avocado and cucumber, then topped with eel sauce, spicy mayo, masago and tobiko. 6181 Saratoga Blvd. #109

Mexican Roll – Koi Sushi & Hibachi

For all the adventurous eaters who love a unique taste, the Mexican Roll from Koi Sushi & Hibachi is a must-try. This fun, mouth-watering roll has a flavorful twist of cilantro and jalapeno mixed with spicy mayo to give it that spontaneous flavor. With shrimp and spicy crab inside, this is a delicious choice that will keep you wanting more.  5301 Everhart Rd.

Roaming Ronin – Spider Roll

This fully cooked roll is perfect for those who want a tasty roll without raw fish. According to reviews, Roamin Ronin has one of the tastiest spider rolls around the area and is a must on your list of go-to sushi options! 2306 Airline Rd. #104

Bonzai Roll – Yoshi Japanese Cuisine 

For all the non-meat eaters, this one is for you! Yoshi Japanese Cuisine has a fantastic variety of vegetarian sushi items which include the crunchy and nutritious Bonzai roll. Rolled with fried vegetables topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce, this is more than just your ordinary veggie roll. 5898 Everhart Rd.

Chick-Fil-A Roll – Takeniwa  

Not a fan of fish but love chicken? The Chick-Fil-A roll from Takeniwa is perfect for all you non-fish-eating readers. With savory tempura chicken, onion ring pieces, lettuce, cucumber and cream cheese topped with eel sauce and soy paper, this tempura fried roll is a safe bet for all the chicken lovers out there! 5216 S Padre Island Dr.

California Roll – Dokyo Dauntaun

If you’re looking for a truly traditional roll, Dokyo Dauntaun has one of the best California rolls in town. Sure, it’s a simple choice, but it never fails. Always fresh, this roll comes with Kanikama, avocado and cucumber. A timeless classic, this is a never-fail choice for all sushi lovers. 424 N Chaparral St.

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