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Cibo e Provviste

01/02/2020 12:08PM ● By Jacqueline Gonzalez
By: Jaqueline Gonzales  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Imagine taking a trip to Italy, walking down the street, and finding a quaint specialty grocery store that you can’t resist. Visiting an Italian grocery store can be a fun experience – but if you can’t book that trip to Italy, a quick trip to Rockport will do the job. 

Through a mutual love of traveling, cooking, and entertaining friends and family, Deidra Ciriello and her husband, Lowell Rothschild, decided to embark on their own adventure where they could share their love of cooking and hospitality. Inspired by the blended Texan and Italian cultures of her grandparents, Gus and Nell, Deidra brought Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions, a specialty grocery store, to life in the heart of Rockport, Texas. 

When asked why she chose to build an authentic Italian market here, Deidra mentioned that Rockport is located by the Gulf, giving access to the seafood that is one of the country’s staples, but also said, “Why not?”

The market, found at the end of a trail beneath a canopy of trees, feels as though a piece of Italy were transplanted to South Texas. The overall design of the shop was inspired by historic Gulf Coast architecture, while the fresh white colors and black accents are a classic homage to Italy. Its clearing, filled with native plants and a pollinator garden, provides a natural habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies, while generating curb appeal. 

Walking through the doors of The Italian Cowboy, guests experience a relaxing shopping environment through a wonderland of classic staples and treats as Italian music plays through the speakers.

The market carries a delicious assortment of fresh and authentic imported Italian ingredients. The gourmet selection, which features a full range of artisan cheeses, antipasti, pastas, oil, and wine, is all personally tasted and tried in various recipes by Deidra and Gus. 

Their selection of cheeses is available on a rotating basis and includes Soft, Semi-soft, Firm, Hard, and Blue Cheese. Their flavors range from the popular Parmigiano Reggiano and Provolone to the unique Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro and Weinkase Lagrein. 

Chalkboard signs throughout the store serve as a guide for their selection of more than 100 authentic wines: “Rosso” for red, “Bianco” for white, “Spumante e frizzante” for the bubbly wines such as Prosecco and Italian sparkling wines.

Along with their selection of gourmet food, they also carry pantry provisions, cookware, and kitchen goods, including handmade soaps. These soaps are made from olive oil and goat milk bases along with herbs, botanicals, and essential oils, and are perfect not only for handwashing, but also a variety of kitchen and household needs. 

One of the qualities of any successful business is the level of customer service, and Deidra and Gus have this down to an art. Their knowledge of the ingredients helps them suggest tried and true recipes, which they all share on their website for guests’ convenience. Their mantra of “we’re just a phone call away” provides guests the opportunity to visit the store past operating hours to ensure their needs are met, making their customer service top-notch.

Their ultimate goal is to share the traditions of family, friendship, good food, and celebration through each visit to The Italian Cowboy.

2615 Business, Hwy 35 N Bypass, Rockport, TX
361.463.0747  |