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The Local's List 2019

06/28/2019 06:00AM ● By Kylie Cooper
By: Kylie Cooper  Photos by: Rachel Benavides, Aaron Garcia, Eric Morales, Brynn Osborn, & Jason Page  Photos Courtesy of: Various Category Winners

Back in early March, the four month endeavor that is Local's List, kicked off. 93 categories were set up and the rest was up to the public. Nominations flooded in across all categories and, once vetted, were put up for a vote. Over 122,000 votes came in this year - a record breaking number for us. This is the fourth year we have put on the Local's List and our staff was blown away by the amount of support. This list truly has one purpose. We aim to shine a light on all things local with every single one of our issues, but this one is different. It comes from you, our readers. So, we dedicate this list to all of the hard working individuals who, day in and day out, strive to make the Coastal Bend an even better place to work, play, live, and visit. The locals have spoke, and the winners are...


-3D Artist: Alex Chapa, Moonstone’d Pottery

Three Facts About Pottery from Alex Chapa:

- If you create something you’re not happy with, you can destroy it and work with the same clay again.

- Ceramics takes about four to six weeks (sometimes longer) and goes through a multi-step process.

- The word ceramics comes from a Greek word for “burned earth."


-Art Gallery: K Space Contemporary

Did you know K Space Contemporary is the oldest alternative art space in the Coastal Bend region? Yup! This non-profit organization has been hosting exhibits featuring emerging and mid-career artists whose works are experimental, non-commercial, or difficult to exhibit due to unusual installation requirements or site-specific ideas since 1995.

-Arts Theatre: Harbor Playhouse

“I have been taking my kids to performances at the Harbor Playhouse since they were itty bitty (they are 21 and 26 now). It has always been a staple tradition in our family, one I hope my kids pass on to their own children one day.” –Kathy Melendez.

-Dance Studio: Avant Dance

Whether your kids are aspiring dancers or just want to pick up a new after-school activity, Avant Dance has a class for them. Founded in 2002, the dance company offers classes from beginner to pre-professional in six different dance styles.

-Event Photographer: Twins Media

It’s all in the name: Twins Media is a twin brother duo, and they make for the perfect pair. Aaron and Andrew Medina have been behind the lens of so many local events, capturing every memorable moment. From Barbara Canales’ County Judge Campaign’s digital needs to countless weddings, concerts, and galas, these guys aren’t messing around.

-Family Attraction: Texas State Aquarium

“The Texas State Aquarium defies the ‘typical’ aquarium/zoo stereotypes. I encourage everyone to visit the Texas State Aquarium! Also, did you know this is the official aquarium of Texas? Designated by the Texas Legislature in 1985!” - Shelby O’Brien.

-Fashion Designer: Nick Perez

Who says Corpus is no place for couture? Certainly not Nick Perez, that’s for sure. Perez is the self-taught mastermind behind NICÓ – a custom, high-quality womenswear line ranging from evening wear to bridal. His designs, much like his mind, are different, fresh, and one-of-a-kind.

-Festival: Dia De Los Muertos

“Every year, the Dia de los Muertos Festival brings the Coastal Bend’s entire creative community together for a bright, beautiful, festive time for the whole family. The music, the dancing, the costumes, the cultural significance, and the loving, respectful crowd create a beautiful energy that flows throughout downtown Corpus Christi. That it supports one of the most creative organizations in town, K Space Contemporary, is just the icing on the cake. It’s simply one my favorite nights of the year.” – Aisylnn Campbell.

-Graphic Designer: Tracy Benck, Iconic Sign Group

Tracy Benck, with Iconic Sign Group, knows a thing or two about graphic design! As a designer for one of the biggest sign companies in South Texas, she whips out new and innovative designs for companies and brands on a daily business!

-Interior Designer: Buck Mathews, Chic to Chic

Design Tips from Buck Matthews:

-Foundation is key. When designing a room I like to start from the ground up. Selecting just the right area rug for a space provides the inspiration for the other elements in a room.

-Scale is ‘almost’ everything. The scale or size of a piece of furniture, are, or mirror is as important as the style of the particular object.

-Clear out the clutter…I see many rooms which contain too many small objects. Concentrating on displaying fewer meaningful larger objects and mixing in few smaller ones, a space will feel larger and more welcoming.

-Painter: Noel Stephenson

Noel Stephenson is a coastal gal through and through. Her work depicts boldly rendered native animals and plants, and whether she is painting a creature from the sea or a beautiful bird boasting colorful feathers, her art gives off a feeling of familiarity and a sense of home. @noeliasfineartandjewelry

-Portrait Photographer: Karen Dominguez Photography

Senior photos, engagement sessions, and pregnancy photos galore. Karen Dominguez has a goal of capturing some of life’s sweetest moments. Her portrait work is simply excellent! @karendominguezphotography

-Tattoo Artist: Chris Lain, Pinnacle Tattoo

25 years of experience is what awaits you when you schedule an appointment with Chris Lain. If you browse through his portfolio, you’ll find tons and tons of images depicting his unique style, which combines classically illustrated Americana as well as large scale Japanese influenced work.

-Wildlife/Nature Photographer: Lu Ann Kingsbury

Beaches, birds, and beautiful sunrises – those are just some of the picturesque compositions you’ll find when browsing through Lu Ann’s Instagram page. Seriously, go to her page and try not to scroll for hours. I dare you. @coastalrazzi


-Community Advocate: Barbara Canales

-Best Way to Support Local Artists: Loca for Local Pop-Up Market Events

-Best Mural: Sandra Gonzalez and Monica Marie Garcia’s “Strong Alone, Fearless Together” mural on the YWCA building

-Best Art Exhibition: Los Tejanos: Chicano Art from the Cheech Marin Collection - The Art Museum of South Texas


-Aesthetician: Ciara Page, Beauty Dungeon

Ciara Page isn’t just the official local’s pick for favorite Aesthetician; she’s also the owner of the newest day spa and salon in the Coastal Bend, The Beauty Dungeon! @ReVampYourBeauty

-Antique Shop: Renaissance Antiques

Renaissance Antiques has been the haven for all things thrifted for the past 20 years. Their two-story building allows for quite the peruse among a variety of local vendors to shop from, and it’s almost guaranteed you won’t walk out of there without finding some kind of treasure. @renaissanceantiquescc

-Barber Shop: Hey Handsome Men’s Studio

Okay, but seriously, if you are looking for a fresh cut, Hey Handsome is where it’s at. The sister duo, made up of Michelle Scallorn and Nina McDermott, opened up shop just over a year ago and are clearly a fan favorite! @heyhandsomemensstudio

-Beauty/Cosmetic: Tina Lain, Gold Dust Cosmetic Tattooing

Tina Lain and her talented staff are dedicated to enhancing their clients’ natural beauty, and committed to providing both quality work and experiences for all who enter. Brow artistry, microblading, feathering, and so many other awesome services are provided here.

-Children’s Clothing: Four Chicks in the Park

“Before I even had kids, I always loved looking at all the adorable children’s clothing Four Chicks in the Park had. I remember seeing an Instagram post of my friend’s daughter with the cutest little paper crown and I fell in love. Sure enough, once my baby girl was born, they became my go-to spot for all of her fun outfits.” -Michela Gray.

-Consignment Store: Threads

“Let’s just say, if I had a nickel for every time someone complimented my ensemble when I was rocking Threads head-to-toe, I’d be a freakin’ millionaire. Whether I’m a baller on a budget in search of some new pieces that won’t break my bank or I’m pinching pennies and need to part with some of my wardrobe’s favorite styles, Threads is my first and only stop. My wallet may be empty 97% of the time but you’ll always find my Threads punchcard stamped and ready.” – Korbin Boomer Matthews.

-Day Spa: Beauty Dungeon

Beauty Dungeon’s new location has been opened all too long and snagged not one, but two categories this year. Clearly they must be doing something right! They’re revamping the traditional ideas of beauty and, with their team of passionate and creative artists, they’re providing locals with top-notch services. @revampyourbeauty

-Eyewear: Visionworks

On the bottom floor at La Palmera, you’ll find Visionworks. Inside, there are hundreds of styles to choose from to discover your next pair of frames. The staff is helpful and friendly, and will always steer you in the right direction.

-Farmer’s Market Vendor and Handcrafted Product: TULA BLUE

This isn’t the first time TULA BLUE has taken the crown for these categories – which is understandable, since their beautifully handmade pieces adorn the necks, ankles, and wrists of almost every Coastal Bend girl. Each of the pieces perfectly combine bohemian and minimalist vibes.

-Fitness Gym: The Quad Fitness

“My first few Quad classes (the first 10 classes, to be honest) were miserable. I had always exercised and thought I was in good shape, but I found out that my years of running hadn’t been of service to my entire body. The excellent trainers and varied workouts have made me stronger than I have ever been. Quad is my healthy obsession and the best place in CC to get your sweat on.” – Sara Morgan.

-Florist: Blossom Shop Florist

There is a Blossom Shop floral arrangement for pretty much every occasion – birthday, Valentine’s Day, your wedding day, National Bosses’ Day … the list goes on. Family-owned and -operated, this local shop is here to suit your needs.

-Furniture: Chic To Chic

Chic to Chic has always been my local go-to spot when it comes to home décor. Whether I am wanting to redo a whole room or just looking for a new chair for the living room, they always have the perfect pieces to complete my home.” – Lauren Bailey.

-Gift Shop: Hamlin Fountain And Gifts

Every Coastal Bend native has a story or a memory that lies within the walls of Hamlin Fountain and Gifts. It is a treasure hunt of sorts once you are inside. Whatever the occasion you are looking to find a gift for, there is no doubt you’ll find it there. @hamlinfountain

-Hair Salon: The Beauty Box

Looking at before and after photos from this salon is like watching a magic trick. Their colors, cuts, and other services enhance customers’ natural beauty and allow them to feel even more comfortable in their own skin!

-Jewelry: Casa De Oro Jewelers

 “The vintage sterling and turquoise squash blossom necklace I wore in my wedding broke recently and I was devastated. I took it to Casa de Oro, and they had it back to me in basically new condition. I trust them with my vintage and antique pieces, and know they will do an amazing job.” -Katy Jones-Gulsby.

-Massage Therapist: Lauren Schroeter, LMT

Lauren Schroeter has been a practicing massage therapist since 2015. She use a variety of modalities to totally customize every massage. This means each of her clients receive a service totally will come to you if needed and serve up some top-notch relaxation in the comfort of your home! @healing.comes.naturally

-Medical Spa: Corpus Christi Institute Of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

“In my 40s I decided it was time to address my rosacea and redness on my cheeks. I was nervous before my Laser Genesis treatment, but each step was thoroughly explained by the Licensed Medical Aestheticians. As a person with serious sensitivity, I was surprised with the minimal reaction. Within one service, I noticed my rosacea was gone! I also decided to address my lips – My insecurities about my thinning lips were hidden by extending my lip liner all day. I decided to try Restylane Silk. The precision and care Dr. Vijay takes when doing this procedure was calming and reassuring. Why didn’t I do this sooner? My lips are full and beautiful! Thank you Dr. Vijay and your amazing staff!” – Ondrea Tarske.

-Nail Salon/Artist: Kosmo Nails

If you’re looking to get more artistic with your nails, Kosmo is the spot. Their artists are bursting at the seams with creative ideas, and their portfolio of work is mesmerizing. @kosmosalon08

-Pet Boarding and Grooming: Barkaritaville Pet Resort

 “I have been taking my dogs to Barkaritaville for about 6 years now. Everyone that works there knows them and treats them like their own which is so important when you are dropping off your furbabies to be under someone else’s care. They are top notch over there.” – Denise Kinnett.

-Pop-Up Market Vendor: Sew Bonita

“Sew Bonita encompass the beauty that is the wonders of loving, living, and being proud of your culture. With every stitch, Elena proudly shares her culture in each handmade piece. The vibrancy of our Latina cultures is felt throughout her brand from her personality, her tees, and her Instagram feed. Elena from Sew Bonita is a Mera Mera Chingona that I am proud to call an amiga.” – Vianney Rodriguez.

-Stylist/Personal Shopper: Kimberly Rios

If there is one thing Kim Rios knows, it is style. As the Personal stylist, shopper, and wardrobe consultant behind the brand METROPLIS, she aims to find the perfect wardrobe for each of her clients. Her eye for unique vintage finds only makes her that much better at finding you the perfect fit. @metroplisculture

-Vintage Retailer: Wildflowers

Wildflowers has taken the Coastal Bend by storm since opening up shop in 2017. This vintage and modern shop features some of the best antique finds in a beautifully curated way. Terrie Moore is dedicated to bringing the absolute best pieces into her spot for the community to fall in love with. @tmwildflowers

-Women’s Clothing Boutique: Jewels

“Jewels is my go-to clothing store, hands down. Anytime I have an upcoming event, Suzy’s store is the first place I head to find the perfect outfit. When you walk in, you’re welcomed by the sweetest staff and a store full of gorgeous, unique pieces. As a supporter of women-owned small businesses, Jewels is a beautiful example of how service, selection, and style has made her store a success for so many years.” – Nikki Riojas. @jewels_cctx

-Yoga Studio: Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi

“Going to the Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi is like going to a second home. Everyone is always so warm and welcoming. Michelle pours her heart and soul into the space and it shows.” – Ajia Fielden.


-Best Tees that Capture the Spirit of the City: Elevated Screen Printing – “Corpus Doesn’t Suck, You Do” shirts

-Gifts You Won’t Find on Amazon: ACouplePuns Greeting Cards

-Best Curated Selection: Shell & Pine

-Best Place to Shop for Bathtime: Archer Soapworks & Apothecary 


-Asian Cuisine, Date Night & New Restaurant (2 Years or Less) : BKK Thai Kitchen + Bar

“There isn’t a single occasion that BKK wouldn’t be the best backdrop for. Their space is beautiful, everyone there is always so friendly, and of course the food is incredible. I have dreams about their curry and fries appetizer.” – Monica Gomez.

-Barbeque: Salty Oak BBQ

Salty Oak hasn’t even had its doors open for a year, and has already taken the BBQ scene in the Coastal Bend by storm. Their “low and slow” style makes for some of the tastiest bites; not to mention all their homemade fixin’s to go with it. @saltyoakbbq

-Beer List: Lazy Beach Brewing

Our Must Try Brews at Lazy Beach:

-The Kook: a refreshing and hydrating cucumber saison

-Choppy Waters: brewed with Cascade and Ekuanot hops

-Molinillo: a Mexican hot chocolate stout with cinnamon, vanilla, ancho chilis, and cayenne

-Best Outdoor Seating: BUS  ̶  Bar Under The Sun

BUS is hands down one of the favorite new hotspots. Their addition to Downtown Corpus Christi has become a hub for all things local and communal. From hosting huge festivals, pop-up markets, and events, to their weekly food trucks and live music, there is no shortage of fun to be had on this patio.

-Breakfast Tacos: Nano’s Taco Run

“Nano's Taco Run is my all-time favorite spot for breakfast tacos. They taste just like my mom made them with fresh flour tortillas, jam-packed with the goods...and THAT SAUCE. The magical Nano's hot sauce is so good, you gotta dine-in to use the squeeze bottle.” – Emily Zertuche.

-Bakery, Brunch, Catering, Health Foods, Sandwich, And Tea: Hester’s Café

“If I wasn’t from Corpus, Hester’s is the kind of place I would have on my must- stop list as a visitor. Friendly and smiling staff. Delicious food. Three of the best locations. Want a New Orleans courtyard feel? Eat outside at the Lamar Park location. Want the best views of downtown CC and the Lexington? Eat at the museum location. And if you’re searching for the best key lime pie in the universe, I’ve found it for you! It’s in their bakery case. You’re welcome.” – Kari Perritte.

-Burger: Padre Island Burger Company

“Whether in a sundress or a bathing suit, Padre Island Burger Company has welcomed me with delicious food, drinks, and entertainment. On a casual stop, I’ve seen an Elvis impersonator, petted a goat, and watched the sunset. I suggest pairing a ‘water’ and the Dr. Padre Burger.” – D’Anne Buquet.

-Chef: Tony Posada – The Blue Clove

Chef Tony over at Blue Clove is no joke. He whips up some of the freshest and most creative seafood dishes. Plus, their new and improved location has opened up its doors, and we can’t get enough.

-Coffee: Coffee Waves

 “Coffee Waves is the absolute best! Not only do they have great coffee, but they also go above and beyond for local artists.” – Mayra Zamora.

-Cold-Pressed Juice: The VINE Juice Company

Our Favorites at VINE:

-The Hot Tamale: sweet peppers, bell peppers, red peppers, apples and jalapeños

-Romaine Calm: apples, carrots, spinach, celery, romaine, and lemon

-Heart Beet: apples, beets, cucumber, kale, and ginger


-Craft Cocktails And Girls Night Out: The Post At Lamar Park

“The watering hole that Corpus Christians of all ages and tastes can’t get enough of. Great food? Of course. Inventive cocktails? Undoubtedly – and award- winning, too (shout out to mixologist Michael Green)! But what keeps me frequently coming back for a tipple is the genuinely welcoming staff of bartenders and managers that make your dining, drinking, and socializing experience one of the best in Corpus Christi.” -Caitlin Shook.

-Diner/Dive: Andy’s Kitchen

“Andy’s Kitchen has the best breakfast in Corpus Christi, period. And those blueberry muffins? Yeah, I’ll take 10.” – Kate Collins.

-Distillery: South Texas Distillery – Home of Wild Rag Vodka

Deep down in a tiny speck of Sandia sits a distillery that is producing some of the finest vodka around. Every Friday and Saturday, the tasting rooms at the South Texas Distillery open up, and you can try local spirits that taste incredible!

-Donuts: Gates Donuts

Gates Donuts has been a Coastal Bend favorite for over 75 years. Waking up early (seriously, you have to get there before they sell out) and scanning the windows for your favorite sweet treat is a sacred Corpus tradition.

-Food Truck And Street Tacos: Taco Bar Street

“Taco Bar Street is definitely my favorite food truck in Corpus – maybe even my favorite place to eat at in general. I swear, every time I’ve gotten a meal from them, it’s always been delicious. Their street nachos are amazing, their rice and beans are perfect, and I’m always craving their tacos! Anytime there’s multiple food trucks to choose from downtown, I always eat at Taco Bar Street.” –Ashley Arevalo @tacobarstreet

-Frozen Treats: Marble Slab Creamery

Ice cream cakes, unlimited toppings, and pints to go – this locally owned and operated creamery is a one-stop shop for all things sweet and frozen. With two locations in Corpus Christi, there is no reason for you to have not devoured a waffle cone from them. @marbleslabalameda

-Gourmet Dinning: Kats 21 Steak & Spirits

Specializing in dry-age prime beef and fresh Gulf Coast seafood, this well-known local establishment serves up some of the finest gourmet dining in South Texas. Shareable appetizers, mouth-watering entrees, divine desserts, and creative cocktails all wait for you there.

-Happy Hour: Scuttlebutt’s Seafood Bar & Grill

For the second year in a row, Scuttlebutt’s has snagged the title of best happy hour ̶  and this is why: They have happy hour specials every single day starting at 3 PM. From $2 wells to $5 sangrias, you can drink both quantity and quality without breaking the bank.

-Italian Cuisine: Bellino’s Ristorante Italiano

With a fresh look, new menu items, and the addition of a bodega, it’s no surprise Bellino’s snagged the win this year. Chef Francesco Inguaggiato brings a fresh taste of Sicily to the Coastal Bend with every dish he puts out!

-Kid-Friendly Atmosphere: Brewster Street Ice House

“I love Brewster Street Icehouse for so many reasons. Not only do they bring some of the best musical acts to our city, but they also serve crave-worthy food, and have an atmosphere for a variety of events. Whether I want to have my son’s birthday party, an evening out with the girls, or even a date night with the hubby, Brewster Street is the place to go.” ̶  Ashlee Struchen.

-Margarita: The Gold Fish

Thanks to The Gold Fish, adding Topo Chico to your margarita is the new standard. Their wide range of tequilas and fresh ingredients make for the most refreshing margs around town…and that’s a fact. @thegold_fish

-Mexican Restaurant: Kiko’s Mexican Food Restaurant & Cantina

For the past 30 years, Kiko’s has been a Corpus Christi staple. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they have a menu filled with authentic Mexican cuisine, and offer something for everyone.

-Microbrewery: Lorelei Brewing Company

 “Lorelei has become my wife and I’s favorite spot to get good, quality local brews. They’ve created such a cool atmosphere, and the way they support the local community is so cool. Also, the Merdude is one of the best beers I have ever had  ̶  really, ever.”  ̶  Carl Hernandez.

-Mixologist: Alex Martinez, BKK Thai Kitchen + Bar & Michael Cantu, Republic Of Texas

A tie is a tie is a tie, and there is no way around it! The people have spoken and crowned not one, but two local mixologists this year. Both Alex and Michael take their crafts seriously and whip up some of the most creative and inventive cocktails in the Coastal Bend. Head to BKK or the Republic of Texas and pull up a seat at their bars. You won’t be disappointed. and

-Pizza: B& J’s Pizza, Brewpub

“What I’ve always appreciated about B&J’s is the cool atmosphere, good beer selection, and of course the top-notch pizza. Whether I’m getting a pepperoni pizza or something a little crazy, like my personal favorite, the California Veggie, I’m always super satisfied. Not only is B&J’s my go to pizza joint, but one of my [favorite] restaurants in town generally.” – Justin Muñiz.

-Seafood: Water Street Oyster Bar

“I love Water Street because it is OG Corpus Christi. The good food and open atmosphere keep it a staple of downtown. Every time we have family in town, we always get requests to return there. The quality of seafood and the consistency of customer service are the reasons we love to go. They also have the best Bloody Mary for brunch, hands down.” -Regina Hill.

-Shaved Ice: Sno-Ball Too

Corpus Christi’s original Sno-Ball probably has a soft spot in all of our hearts. Whether you remember sitting at whatever table had your high school mascot on it or staring at their walls covered in framed pictures of Corpus Christi’s past, this place is iconic. @snoballtoo

-Soup: Nuevo Café

“I remember going to Nuevo Café when I was in middle school at Wynn Seale. My mom would have morning meetings there sometimes, and I would sit until it was time for me to go to school. It has the same atmosphere now. Eclectic art on the walls and the best poblano soup you will ever eat. I have it at least twice a month, not sorry.” – Alexandra Scott.

-Steak: Niko’s Steakhouse

If you’re wondering why Niko’s has won this category for three years in a row, then you must have never eaten there. The smell of mesquite wood welcomes you upon arrival, and you’ll leave with your taste buds thanking you.

-Sushi: Rock & Rolls Sushi Lounge

Our Must-Try Rolls:

-Rhapsody’s of Bohemia: Krab, cream cheese, and avocado topped with sweet and spicy tuna tartare and strawberry, drizzled with sweet chili

-Don’t Fear the Reaper: Cream cheese, spicy tuna tartare and jalapeños, topped with tempura fried eel, spicy mayo, and eel sauce and lightly sprinkled with smoked eel.

-Pinball Wizard: Katsu soft shell crab, avocado, and green apple, served with eel sauce.

-Vegan/Specialty Foods: Ginger Café & Grill

For the past 5 years, Ginger Café & Grill has been serving up delicious Mediterranean dishes; the best part about their menu is how many vegan and veggie-friendly options are waiting for patrons.

-Wine Bar and Wine List: Tannins Wine Bar & Tapas Restaurant

“Tannins is my version of ‘Cheers.’ My girl gang and I go there at least once a week, either on Working Women’s Wednesday (1/2 off bottles!) or for live music on Thursday. The establishment nearly expects us to be there every week now or else they get worried (not really, but we go a lot). We are the loudest and stay the latest! Besides their selection of beers and wines, I have a deep love for their strawberry champagne ice cream. Tannins intimate environment truly makes us feel at home.” – Christina Hunter.


-Loaded French Fires: Corpitos Fries from Jefe’s Mobile Cafe

-Best Way to Satisfy Your Craving For Poke: Water Street Sushi Room

-Best Spot to Eat With Your Pup: Harrison’s Landing

-Freshest Produce: Downtown Farmer’s Market – GROW South Texas


-Comedian: Steve Treviño

You’re probably familiar with good ol’ Steve Treviño. He’s a triple threat: stand-up comedian, writer, and producer. But did you know his roots are planted firmly in the Coastal Bend? You can catch him this summer on his tour “America’s Favorite Husband,” or watch his one-hour stand-up special “Till Death” on a variety of platforms.

-Cover Band/Artist: Spazmatics

Are you into ’80s cover bands? High-waisted leggings and tube socks galore – The Spazmatics will serve all your ’80s fantasies on a nice neon platter. Regulars at Brewster Street Ice House, these guys know how to put on a party. @thespazmaticstx

-Event Venue: House Of Rock

For the past 14 years, House of Rock has been a Downtown Corpus Christi staple. Their multi-functional space allows for pretty much any event to be held there. Stand-up, live music, birthday parties, dance parties, zombie proms, the list goes on.

-Live Music Venue: Brewster Street Ice House

Shows to Catch this Summer:

-Kyle Park w/ Robert Ray – July 6th

-Aaron Watson w/ Kevin Flower & Jon Stork  ̶  July 9th

-Whiskey Myers w/ Bones Owens – August 8th

-Abbarama  ̶  August 23rd

-Local DJ: El Dusty

“There’s some amazing talent repping the Coastal Bend these days, and at the clear head of that pack stands El Dusty. Bringing together influences ranging from Tejano to trap, his musical output is unparalleled, and his dedication to Corpus through live events, fashion, and contributing to a general culture of collaboration makes him a South Texas MVP by any measure. May he reign long as the Mayor of Cumbia City!” – David Gurney.

-Local Female Singer/Songwriter(s): Clarissa Serna

We’d like to think Clarissa Serna is the voice of the Coastal Bend … and not just because she was on “The Voice.” Seriously, her vocal range is out of this world, and if you haven’t seen her perform live yet, what have you been doing with yourself?

-Local Male Singer/Songwriter(s): The Blind Owls

Elvis, The Beatles, and the Beach Boys. Those are the musical acts one would compare The Blind Owls’ sound to. The four-piece ’60s-esque rock band has been both traveling the country and performing locally since 2015. Their energy is high, and their matching suits are rather dapper. @theblindowls

-News Anchor: Katia Uriarte

All hail the Coastal Bend news anchor queen. There is a reason Katia snatches this category every year: Her infectious smile and shining personality come through both on the evening news and in a simple conversation. @katattackcc

-Podcast: Sew Taco

Two side hustles and a microphone. That is the equation that perfectly adds up to create the local podcast, Sew Taco. Husband and wife duo Elena and Gerald Flores both have full time 9 to 5s, but they also have strong passions and creative talents they let flow into their other brands and businesses. They talk about both the good and the bad that comes with running your own business. P.S. There is also an occasional cameo from their kitty.

-Radio Talk Show Host: CoCo

CoCo is simply Corpus royalty. She has – deservedly – taken the crown for best radio personality every year since we started the Local’s List. She just closed out an 11 year run on air after becoming a momma to twins! We will certainly miss her contagious laugh and loving encouragement on the radio every morning. @cocooutloud

-Sports Team: Corpus Christi Hooks

 “I’ve been taking my kids to see the Hooks play for a couple of years now, and it never gets old. Going to Whataburger Field on a Saturday, hot dogs in hand, is definitely one of my children’s favorite ways to spend a weekend. Plus, those fireworks are next level.” -Monica Gonzales.


-Social Media Campaign: Fiesta de la Flor – Visit Corpus Christi

-Best Event Calendar to Watch: Downtown Management’s Marina Arts District

-Best Transformation: The Hooks’ Cotton Club

-Trivia Spot: Tuesday Nights Geeks Who Drink at Tapology