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The Legacy Lives On: Bonilla & Chapa, P.C. Attorney at Law

The family law firm that's served the Coastal Bend through personal injury, criminal defense, family law and social security disability law for years

Photography by Lillian Reitz

“It all began with my mother and father,” said Ruben Bonilla Jr. “They instilled the value of hard work and education in our family.”

These values inspired many of the Bonilla children to pursue law. The family law business was founded by the eldest brother, William Bonilla, who graduated with honors from the University of Texas School of Law. He settled in Corpus Christi and within two years had established his own law firm. It became traditional among the Bonillas to join the family firm upon graduation from law school. “That’s what happened with my brother Tony, myself, my sister Mary Helen and then nephews and nieces,” said Ruben, mentioning that his son Bill is also an attorney with the firm.

Bonilla & Chapa, P.C. Attorney at Law has an expansive reach throughout Texas, with offices in Houston, San Antonio, Edinburg, Hondo, Harlingen, Beeville and its main location at the Bonilla Plaza in Corpus Christi. The firm practices in areas of personal injury, criminal defense, family law and social security disability. To this day, all of the Bonilla siblings still work in the firm or visit and provide support. Being able to work with family is something that Ruben greatly values. “It’s engaging, energizing and truly spiritually uplifting,” he said. “We are very busy at the firm, so we may not see each other every day. But every time I meet or confer with my brothers or sister, I learn something new and remarkable.”

Also down the hall of the Bonilla Plaza is Ruben’s son, Ruben A. Bonilla, who is carrying on the family’s spirit of professionalism in a different industry. “I made the decision to become an insurance agent,” said Ruben A. Bonilla, who is a certified Farmers Agent. 

“It was a decision he reached independently, and he had a strategic business plan for it,” said Ruben. “I was very proud of him. He was off to a quite remarkable start in his career, and has flourished in it.”

In fact, Ruben A. Bonilla was recently inducted into the Farmers Presidents Council, which is the organization’s elite honor for the top one percent of agents and district managers, where they are recognized for their excellence in providing quality customer service and for their consistent top ranked business performance. Those in the Farmers Presidents Council are recognized as leaders in their community and serve as mentors to other agents. 

Now with more than 15 years’ experience in insurance, Ruben A. Bonilla and his agency proudly serve the Coastal Bend and can service the insurance needs of any individual or business entity anywhere in Texas.

Though in different industries, the reason behind why they do what they do is the same for both father and son. “I love helping people,” said Ruben A. Bonilla. “I help families and individuals financially prepare for their future. It’s not ‘one size fits all’; each plan is personalized for what best fits their needs.”

In addition to the way the Bonillas are dedicated to helping their clients, Ruben is equally proud of the way the family comes together to advance community betterment efforts. “When it’s time to rally the forces and support a cause, through a concerted team effort and having a unifying force of persons who philosophically believe as we do about trying to improve and enhance our community, we can create a greater city for us all.”