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Stocking Up on Essentials from the Farmers’ Market

GROW Local's Downtown Farmers' Market Transitions into a Market Access Point for Locals

Photos: Rachel Benavides (from 2018 archives)

GROW Local’s Downtown Farmers’ Market has been a staple in our community for years. Every Wednesday evening at the Art Center of Corpus Christi, you’ll find families shopping for their weeks worth of produce, children laughing and crafting, dogs of all breeds sniffing and saying hello to one another, and rows of locally produced goods. 

This week, the market will look and feel slightly different. “While we love that our market has been a community event for so many years, we must stress that under the current circumstances and public health crisis, this is not a social event,” the market wrote on their Instagram page. “This is a market access point and we ask that all customers please do not linger and do not consume any food or drinks at the market.” 

Tonight’s market will feature fresh, local produce, eggs, meats, cheeses, locally made cottage foods, coffee and take-away prepared foods. Various vendors will also have household essentials for sale like soap and hand sanitizer! 

While the market is thrilled to be a place for people to come and shop locally at this time (and always, of course!), they also want to remind everyone this is not a normal Farmers’ Market experience. They’re strongly encouraging all customers to remember the CDC recommendations when choosing to shop: such as washing their hands for 40 seconds prior to shopping, standing with ample distance from each other while in lines, avoiding handshakes and other close physical contact, etc., and of course, if you are feeling ill, showing symptoms of COVID-19, or have come in close contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus, to please sit the market out. 

GROW Local’s goal of lending a helping hand for those in need of various essentials is just one of the incredible stories we have seen come out of the current situation our community (and world) is facing. The way we have seen local businesses adapt and adjust during this time is one thing we are choosing to smile about today. 

You can find more information on today’s market on GROW Local South Texas’ Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as their website,