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One Local Teen’s Fundraising Mission for Heart Health

Every year, the American Heart Association hosts a fundraising event in which they enlist the help of twenty teenagers from across the country to advocate for heart health and fundraise for heart health research. Teens who are selected will be tasked with leading a team of their peers, fundraising, learning healthy habits, leading a project on heart health, and networking within the community. This year, one teen from Corpus Christi was selected as one of the twenty students and is hopeful to spread awareness and raise money for the cause.

Bailey Cuellar is a twelve year old from Corpus Christi who’s got a huge heart for heart health. The cause holds a special place of importance for Cuellar, as the teen lost a grandparent to a stroke and has multiple family members with heart health issues. “My family is my WHY, the reason I am so passionate about heart health and awareness,” says Cuellar. With a cause this important, Cuellar is eager to compete in the competition while also supporting an important cause.

The multi-sport athlete, musician, and artist is competitive by nature, aiming to achieve in all she sets her mind to. With a four-year run as her elementary school’s top fundraiser in the Kids Heart Challenge, Cuellar is hopeful to continue her streak and meet her goal in this new opportunity as a Teen of Impact. “I’m ready to step up my game and rise to the challenge of an even greater opportunity and make the biggest impact possible in the fight against heart disease.”

Cuellar has a fundraising goal of $10,000, with all money going towards advancements in heart health research, care, and education nationwide. All donations are greatly appreciated and must be made by 12:00pm on Thursday, April 7th to count towards Cuellar’s campaign.