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Local Muralist Partners with Law Firm to Celebrate Students

New mural illustrates support for local graduates

By: Jessie Monsivais  Photo via: Mayra Zamora

You might notice a colorful and Instaworthy mural on the new Herrman & Herrman Law Office. This community-centered mural, designed by local muralist and artist Mayra Zamora, is a homage to the city and higher education. Zamora and her mural assistants, Eugene Soliz, Christina Gonzalez, Joey Gonzalez, and Brian Garcia, created the mural, commissioned by Herrman & Herrman. Zamora’s signature black and white artist codex, allows viewers to interact with the painting. 

Zamora says the idea came from Eric Holguin, but the image is very much a representation of herself. “A Chicana growing up in the Coastal Bend, who now calls Corpitos home. Plus, I am an alumnus of TAMU-CC, and currently enrolled at Del Mar College.”

The mural has been in production since June 2019. The vibrant painting came to life through images of palm trees, abstract sunsets, and suns inspired by Loteria, Texan pride, the CC TX logo, and the city and national flag.

“The process has been challenging because of the pandemic. Typically I would have invited the community for painting days, so I am only working with my assistants,” Zamora shares. “Wearing a mask, in the heat, and our glasses fogging up has been an interesting experience.”

As for the title, Mayra says they may invite the community to vote for a name; Viva Corpitos, Viva Corpus, or Viva CCTX.

“In these weird and uncertain times, I want to make the community smile and escape even for a bit by visiting or passing by the mural,” she says. “I can’t wait for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Del Mar students and alumni to take their graduation photos here.”

Visit the new mural located at Location is 1240 Third St.