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Local Artist Embellishes Hornsby’s Seafood w/ Community Help

Looking at the new mural adorning the side of local seafood spot Hornsby’s Seafood & Mo

By: Luis Arjona  Photos: Malone.Tx

The cityscape is a canvas yet to be molded. Waiting for the care of our local artists to create sensational work through each stroke. Downtown Corpus Christi is becoming a colorful area —boasting a growing slate of businesses and murals, adding life to our wonderful city. Setting a precedent of the intrinsic beauty brought to us by our community’s efforts, the area becomes a growing quilt of our people and their work. Maybe this is a beginning for a framework that will begin to spread throughout Corpus Christi?

Agnes Street hosts the local seafood spot, Hornsby’s Seafood & Mo. Swaggering great reviews and better food, the quaint restaurant is home to some of the best seafood in town and now an incredible new mural. Local artist Katerina Janeckova partnered with Gilbert Hornsby, owner of the local spot, to add some flavor to the side of his restaurant. Channeling the late Balthus, the mural is an homage to his work and influence as an artist. Having a dreamlike quality, Janeckova’s mural has a nice sensibility, which is beautiful to admire. Depicting her usual bear character, only this time sporting a pair of cowboy boots, eating a delicious seafood meal on a floating countertop, this superficial description does not do the work justice. However, I hope it piqued your interest in visiting the restaurant and mural.


This collaboration is an example of our community coming together to help one another grow and continue to excel. There is endearing documentation of the process on Janckova’s Instagram. She shows gratitude to those who helped with the process and allowed the mural to come to life. From various community members jumping to the opportunity to help paint the building to Faz Power Washing LLC donating their services of power washing the building before the paint for free, this was a true community project. She states in a post:

“This project really brought me a lot of joy and hope and friends. Say hi to the owner Gilbert Hornsby’s when you go . (There is a little table mounted under the painted one now, so you can enjoy your food there with the bear or your friend; some of those photos are taken before the table was up).”

A little reminder to never forget about our local businesses: feel free to check in on your local spot to make sure they are doing okay. For the Coastal Bend is a tight community, and we must nurture it.


As mentioned, the mural is located at Hornsby’s Seafood & Mo located at 2202 Agnes St, Corpus Christi, TX. Pop in to admire the work while eating some delicious and local fried shrimp!