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HER: Elizabeth Chu Richter, Industry Leader

Elizabeth Chu Richter, Industry Leader's global impact in the world of architecture, boasting numerous industry accolades

Portraits by Shoocha Photography | Hair by Evana Reyna, Melissa Rocha & Christopher Jarred | Makeup by Frankie Reyna | Styling by Alexa Gignac, Julian Gold Corpus Christi

Elizabeth Chu Richter is what some might call a “late bloomer.” She had lived a whole life prior to becoming a licensed architect in her 40s, but that is not to say her architectural dreams came as a sudden decision. 

Starting her career as an architect later in life allowed Chu Richter to bring along vast knowledge and worldly wisdom. In a lot of ways, the insight she gained through life’s experiences made for a clear and sound approach to business, and created a confidence that manifested in successful projects and numerous industry accolades. 

Throughout her personal and professional life, there is a clear common thread of living history. Born in Nanjing, China, Chu Richter spent her childhood years residing in Hong Kong before moving to Dallas at the age of 13 with her mother and five siblings. Though she obtained her bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin in 1974, she decided to stay home to raise her first child and continue to take care of her family. Twelve years later, she jumped back into her career. 

Chu Richter joined Kipp Richter & Associates as an intern and quickly began making waves for her work, garnering an incredible amount of industry attention. Now, she is the CEO of Richter Architects, a firm she co-owns with her husband, David. The Harte Research Institute, the new Port of Corpus Christi Administration Building and the recently completed General Academic enclave on the Del Mar East Campus are among the many local projects for which the firm are responsible. 

Despite her humility, she is the architectural equivalent of an Oscar winner: Chu Richter was named a fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada in 2019. “It was an astounding surprise and a huge honor,” she said. “The honor signals how much we have in common across borders. We face similar challenges as architects and as people; we are motivated to achieve similar goals to make a difference and build a better world, one dream at a time and one building at a time. [Plus], it’s a phenomenal feeling sharing a spotlight with some of world’s most renowned and iconic architects.”

Portraits by Shoocha Photography | Hair by Evana Reyna, Melissa Rocha & Christopher Jarred | Makeup by Frankie Reyna | Styling by Alexa Gignac, Julian Gold Corpus Christi

“It’s difficult to put into words just how brilliant and gifted Elizabeth is. She is a true renaissance woman. Elizabeth brings a unique perspective to her field and is respected around the world for her craft. At this point in her career, she could live anywhere in the world and still be immensely successful, however, she and her husband David chose to raise their family and build their business in Corpus Christi and for that, our city is on the map for internationally renowned architecture.”

Nelda Martinez, friend

Of all her accomplishments, Chu Richter’s appointment as the National President for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2015 holds a special place for her. “[It was an] honor to be elected and serve as National President of the American Institute of Architects,” she says. “It was an incredible opportunity to represent America’s architects across the world and to provide leadership to elevate a beloved profession.”

Beyond the awards and prestigious recognition is a true desire to enrich the lives of people in the community through designing high-quality, high-functioning buildings that are meant to last a lifetime. 

“One of our design strengths is to approach every project as if it is the first one we have ever designed,” Chu Richter said. “Understanding function is only the beginning; it is followed by interpretation and the art of design that instills the added value of robustness, efficiency, dignity, sustainability, beauty and a sense of place.”

Much like her approach to life, Chu Richter’s approach to the work she does is simple and profound: “Be present. Keep an eye on the future, but most of all,  make the most of opportunities at hand. They are stepping stones to hone your skills for enduring success.”

As for the future, Chu Richter is setting her sights on “greener” pastures. Sustainability in architecture has been a hot topic for quite some time and Chu Richter sees “thinking green” as a mindset that should be implemented with a disciplined design strategy. “In architecture, bigger and taller is not always better,” she said. “When a building is right sized, well built and well maintained, it has value for at least half a century.”

This mindset influences Chu Richter’s life both at home and in the workplace. It’s why she has become an influential voice in the world of architecture, and an inspiring woman quite literally building the future of our community.