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Charity League and Julian Gold Announce 2022 Style Show & Luncheon Designer

Designer FARM Rio has been chosen for Charity League of Corpus Christi's biggest fundraising event of the year

By: Editorial Team   Photo via: FARM Rio

This week, Charity League of Corpus Christi, in partnership and collaboration with Julian Gold Corpus Christi, announced their pick for this season’s Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon designer.

Charity League is fiercely dedicated to improving the quality of life for citizens in our community. In fact, that is what the non-profit organization is founded on. The Charity League of Corpus Christi, a local nonprofit group of 40 women, has been focused on doing charitable work in our community since 1934. Each year, they choose a local nonprofit to raise money and advocate for the entire season, from funds raised by the public. This year, New Life Refuge Ministries was chosen.

“New Life Refuge Ministries is the perfect fit for Charity League this year,” said Charity League President, Samantha Gates. “Child sex trafficking is, unfortunately, not going away and most times goes unchecked. We are honored to give them the platform they deserve to continue their life-changing work.”

The local nonprofit, New Life Refuge Ministries, aims to provide a refuge of hope and healing for survivors, educate the community about domestic minor sex trafficking, and partner with other organizations in the fight against child sex trafficking. 

One huge aspect of Charity League’s fundraising efforts comes in the form of their Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon. The event is talked about all year long and the theme, along with the chosen designer, is always highly anticipated.

This year’s theme, “Captivated by Capri,” was chosen by Charity League and their Style Show Luncheon Chairs, Mandy Hagy and Carrie Gilley. With the theme chosen, Julian Gold Corpus Christi began the process of selecting a designer for the show. The brand FARM Rio was chosen as the line to showcase.

“Once I found out the theme was ‘Captivated by Capri,’ my mind instantly went to my current favorite line, which is FARM,” said Julian Gold Corpus Christi Store Director, Alexa Gignac. “I felt that all the prints and vibrant colors used in their pieces represent the theme perfectly.”

FARM Rio, which consists of a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of Brazil’s most beloved clothing and lifestyle brands. Founders Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos took their chances on launching a clothing line embodying the feminine spirit and vibrant colors of Rio. 

The mixture of vibrant colors and patterns makes the brand a perfect fit for this year’s Style Show theme. This designer is known for vibrant colors and unexpected details. Their cheerful creations are crafted with an exotic, toes-in-the-sand spirit that’s simultaneously fashion-forward and vintage-inspired.

“Our long-standing relationship with Julian Gold is a beautiful thing for the Coastal Bend,” said Gates when speaking to the process of choosing a designer. “We love lifting up these charities while looking good. We are so lucky to have Julian Gold to bring in fun, vibrant colors and fabrics like FARM Rio that match the excitement and diversity of the culture of our community.”

You can expect to see the incredible designs from the featured designer at this year’s Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon taking place on February 22, 2022, at the American Bank Center. As one of their biggest funding opportunities of the year, proceeds from the event will directly benefit New Life Refuge Ministries.

For more information on Charity League of Corpus Christi or the season’s Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon visit their website.


Gallery Image Credits:

Mandy Hagy and Carrie Gilley, Style Show Luncheon Chairs

Margie Durst and Elena Payne, Cocktail Chairs

Samantha Gates, President

Brett Goodman, Vice President

Alexa Gignac, Julian Gold Store Director