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A Livestream Panel Discussion w/ The Clinton Peabody Show

Tune in to the Clinton Peabody Show for a live panel discussion featuring 13 community leaders

By Editorial Team Photo by: Lillian Reitz 

When it comes to the Clinton Peabody Show, the ultimate goal has always been to provide a media outlet for business owners, community leaders, organizations, advocates, and so much more. The show, which just celebrated its two year anniversary this month, is rooted in the concept of lifting up and spotlighting the incredible people, businesses, talent, culture, and more in the Coastal Bend. 

In our October 2020 issue, Jacolby Satterwhite — the show’s creator and host — said, “My goal is to use the show as a platform to bridge the gap between all ethnicities, all cultures and all of the people in my community,” when asked what he hopes the show brings to our community.

As we conclude the year, the local live-streamed show has curated their final segment in the form of a panel discussion. The panel will feature a group of professionals in various fields to engage in a genuine conversation about current topics, past topics, and look forward to the year 2021. From educators and non-profit founders to activists and local business owners, the line up contains community visionaries of all sorts. 

The complete list of speakers includes: Tyrone Clay, Kimberly Ellis, Steven Filmore, Session Perry, Terry Amey, Monique Dennis, Dexter Rhines, Brianna Davis, Mr. Claude Axel, Lexi Danyel, Daniel Reeves, Dale Perryman and Marcus Williams. 

You can watch the live panel discussion this Sunday, December 20th, at 3 PM by tuning into the show’s Facebook page