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A Conversation with Snyder & Associates’ Hall-of-Fame Marketer

Brad Snyder has spent almost 40 years mastering the arts of marketing and communications, and his full-service marketing agency, Snyder+Associates

Brad Snyder is a titan of his industry. He has spent almost 40 years mastering the arts of marketing and communications, and his full-service marketing agency, Snyder+Associates, has created for some of the most significant organizations in our area. In fact, he was working with the Texas State Aquarium before it even broke ground in the 1980s. 

His agency began with just himself and a first-gen Mac computer; now, it’s been open for more than 30 years with a team of eight people. Snyder+Associates has maintained its headquarters in Corpus Christi, while working throughout the state. His dedication and service to organizations have been recognized with the special distinction of being inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame. This prestigious recognition honors those who have best served the cause of advertising. Since it began in 2008, few individuals have been selected to this illustrious group. Snyder is the first advertising professional from Corpus Christi to be so honored. 

AMH: What have been some of your tools for your success over the years?

BS: Something that made Snyder+Associates successful is thinking long-term. When I think about what led to the success of our business and our longevity with our clients, it’s that when we take on an account, we’re not just fulfilling a need for the short term. We are looking at the long term – 10 or 20 years down the road. We’re always thinking about, “Where is it going to carry to next?”

AMH: What was a particularly memorable project?

BS: One of our most successful campaigns we’ve ever worked on was Men Who Cook for the Ronald McDonald House. That has been one of the most successful fundraising events in Corpus Christi. For the first-ever event in 2014, they came to us to do the creative, and they’re still using it today. And I love that our creative brings people together to give to these organizations and help them grow.

I’m very proud that we have been a part of bringing people to these events that have generated millions of dollars for important causes. Another special example was the expansion of the Texas State Aquarium (TSA) capital campaign for the Caribbean wing. We had the honor of doing the creative for it, and the TSA raised more than $50 million.

AMH: What do you think was some of the best advice you ever received in your career?

BS: Early in my career I was told to find the best people in your business to work with you — not for you, but with you. Find the people who do what they do best, and provide them the best tools to work with. The cooperative team concept we’ve developed with talented designers, copy writers, media buyers, printers and other professionals makes our products so successful for our clients. 

AMH: What advice would you give someone if they’ve just experienced a setback in their career or things aren’t going the way they want them to? 

BS: If someone’s career is not going the direction that it should be, don’t be afraid to try something else. I’ve known professionals who have found themselves at a career crossroads and questioned their next move. My advice to those friends was to find the courage to step out because change is scary. Don’t be afraid to let go and embrace the challenges of career advancement. Be brave, move forward and don’t look back. 

AMH: How does it feel that you are being inducted into the AAF Hall of Fame?

BS: It’s unbelievable. I was on a trip with my husband, Tom, when I got the news, and I was instantly overcome with emotion. It had never crossed my mind that I would be a recipient. I’m so honored and humbled. I’ve been blessed with a great team and fantastic clients who give us creative freedom. Our longevity and their loyalty and trust in us is a constant source of pride for our team.

AMH: What are some of your favorite ways to relax and recharge?

BS: Go to Hawaii – that is my happy place. Locally, I exercise three to four days a week, which I find very relaxing, and I get some of my best ideas while on the treadmill. Also, living here in the Coastal Bend, I love to go to the beach. There’s nothing better to clear your head or a place to think than walking along the water. It’s the best thing.