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5 Best Venues for Micro-Weddings

With hope on the horizon, soon-to-be-newlyweds are gearing up to host their celebration of love in a small, but major way

By: Kylie Cooper  Photo by: Lillian Reitz

The way we commemorate life’s many milestones has drastically changed in the last year or so. Due to the pandemic, car parades, virtual parties, and postponing celebrations 

altogether have become the new norm. However, with hope on the horizon, soon-to-be-newlyweds are gearing up to host their celebration of love in person. With that in mind, we’ve decided to round up a few ideas on where to host a micro-wedding this spring.  

Art Museum of South Texas

Picture this: Your closest friends and family gathered together amid gorgeous works of art, bathed in natural light, and a picture-perfect view of the bay. Renting a gallery space at the Art Museum of South Texas for your micro-wedding this spring will allow your small number of guests the opportunity to marvel at your nuptials and get a little education and culture in at the same time. 

1902 N. Shoreline Blvd. 

South Texas Botanical Gardens

Allow your love to flourish within the beauty of the South Texas Botanical Gardens. This is the perfect local venue of an outdoor micro-wedding, just in time for blooming buds! Our suggestion would be renting out the Plumeria Garden and Platform for your special day. Their rental policies require a membership before renting, but we promise it’ll be worth it. 

8545 S. Staples

The Venue at House of Rock

You’re probably familiar with House of Rock’s delicious pizza and live music performances. But, did you know renting out the space for a special event was possible? If you’re looking for a sulkier vibe, this is the spot for you. Concrete floors, moody lighting, and raw details throughout the space create a blank canvas for you to create your dream wedding. 

511 Starr St.

Chapel on the Dunes

The historic Chapel on the Dunes, located high on a sand dune in Port Aransas overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, an idyllic location for a wedding ceremony. The quaint chapel comfortably seats about 22 people, making it the perfect spot for a micro-wedding. The ornate and intricate altar, tile work, and drawings along the walls make for a whimsical and ethereal setting. 

203 S 11th St.

The Dome Chapel Corpus Christi Science and History Museum 

Located in the Gallery of Cultural Encounters, the Dome Chapel is without a doubt a go-to spot for an intimate affair. From the authentic 16th century carved wood ceiling and bowed archways with sculpted pillars to porcelain tiles and paintings depicting historical scenes, the Dome Chapel will take you and your guests to a different land. 

1900 N Chaparral St.