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The Test of Time

A good leather bag is not only an accessory that will get better with time, but can actually help you practice more conscious shopping.

By: Jarred Schuetze  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

When purchasing a handbag, you must consider how the purse will look over time. Genuine leather features some of the most precise and strong craftsmanship available. This attention to technique and quality truly make these pieces worth the investment. 


True fact: leather bags last decades. The expert construction means leather bags have the potential to last far longer than handbags made of other materials. Many common materials can develop snaps, rips, or worn spots that can distract from the beauty and overall functionality of the bag.


Unlike synthetics and other handbag materials, the patina and flexibility of leather actually increases over time; meaning leather handbags will look more attractive the longer they’re used, rather than wearing down and aging after the first year of use. 


If you’re an individual who practices conscious shopping to minimize negative effects on the local and global environment, then leather might be the not-so-obvious option for you. Since leather bags are made of animal hides, a naturally occurring material, they require no synthetic chemicals to treat, which makes them a top sustainable choice.


Additionally, because leather handbags last far longer than their synthetic counterparts, the choice to invest in a leather bag can potentially reduce the waste produced as bags from weaker materials give out and are disposed of. 


Whatever your reason for shopping, you can’t deny leather bags stand the test of time and have proven to be an accessory for the ages.

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