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Now Experiencing: Downtown Run Club

Three Bend Magazine contributors and staff members speak on their experience participating in the DMD’s newest club

Illustration by: Jarred Schuetze 

In January 2021, the simple idea of encouraging people to go downtown and be active at the same time resulted in the creation of the Downtown Corpus Christi Run Club. The club meets every Wednesday outside Lucy’s Snackbar at 5:30 PM and offers two routes for all levels of running experience. Each week, a local establishment in the area is chosen for a post-run happy hour. With varying skill levels and interest in running, our team went out and tried the run club to report back on the experience. Be it the people, the running, the views, or the drinks, Downtown Corpus Christi Run Club has a little something for everyone. 


 Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I was still fairly nervous walking up to Lucy’s for my first run club experience. The nerves, as it would turn out, dissipated the moment I arrived. The weather was perfect and the camaraderie was contagious. I chose the 5k route, and the addition of running up and down the T-Heads is well worth the extra mile for the sunset views alone. Yet it’s the community this club creates that really sold it for me. From the Facebook group and the post-run happy hour to the lovely woman who stopped and waited at the last traffic light on the route so we could run the final stretch together and the high fives waiting for me at the end, the people are truly what makes this experience worth it.” 

–  Kylie Cooper, Editor In Chief


As a self-proclaimed walker, the idea of participating in a club dedicated to running sounded a little unsavory at first. Leave it to the Downtown Management District’s carefully curated Wednesday evening Run Club to make me a believer. 

My first observation was that Run Club is meant to be accessible and inclusive. I opted for a brisk walk along the two-mile course. Along the way, I saw a number of walkers and runners comfortably going at their own pace, which I found to be comforting. I’m even thinking about bringing my little one next time for a stroller-stride moment. The post-run happy hour at The Goldfish was a nice treat to end the event, giving Run Club the social aspect I found to be the draw to coming back for future runs; or in my case, walks!” 

– Kirby Conda, Senior Writer


By no means would I call myself a runner. Sure, I work out; however, running has always been a challenge for me. But you know what they say, dangle a carrot in front of someone (or in my case a cocktail), and you’ll be surprised what they’ll achieve. 

 What started as downplaying my abilities quickly switched gears thanks to a hint of friendly competition, unbeknownst to the runner in front of me. She provided me with pace, something I don’t have when trying to run alone, as well as the drive to keep up with her until the finish line and stay in the front of the pack. What the Run Club provides is more than just a course map; it provides motivation. Whether the type of motivation you need is encouragement, camaraderie, or in my case, some healthy competition, you can find it with this club.” 

– Jarred Schuetze, Art Director