Corpus Christi BBQ Spots to Try

10 Must-Try Corpus Christi BBQ Joints

Check out these restaurants serving mouthwatering smoked meat combos, pulled pork kolaches and more of the best BBQ in Corpus Christi.

Sample some of the best Corpus Christi BBQ at Salty Oak

Salty Oak BBQ | Photography by Rachel Benavides

Corpus Christi BBQ is some of the best in Texas. The Coastal Bend is home to a handful of mouthwatering options for the next time you crave smoked brisket and all the fixings. Here are 10 local spots to check out. 

Salty Oak BBQ

Salty Oak BBQ has only been around for four years, but has quickly grown to gold star status among barbecue enthusiasts as is evident by their 3-time “Best Barbecue” title in The Local’s List. Its barbecue is made in an outdoor offset pit, with an array of housemade sides that pair perfectly with its famed pulled pork, marbled brisket and smoked sausage.

  • Must Order: Plan to go at lunch for a “Big Salty,” which includes all three smoked meats.
  • Location: 4855 S Alameda St. 
The “Big Salty” from Salty Oak | Photography by Rachel Benavides

Hoegemeyer’s Barbecue Barn

A Corpus Christi classic for barbecue, Hoegemeyer’s Barbecue Barn has tasked itself with bringing South Texas mesquite BBQ to the masses. They operate out of a 90-year-old warehouse and are open daily for lunch until sell-out.

  • Must Order: Aside from the familiar one/two/three meat plates, Hoegemeyer’s offers a variety of “sammiches” like a reuben with lean brisket or a smoked burger. If you’re looking for a space to host your next shindig, they offer catering and in-house parties too.
  • Location: 711 Concrete St.

Full Send BBQ

The newest BBQ joint in town, Full Send BBQ takes as much pride in its mesquite smoked brisket, pork and turkey as it does in its sides and fixings.

  • Must Order: Find loaded mac n cheese bowls, sandwiches and traditional 1/2/3 meat plates all served with housemade pickled cucumbers and red onions, rice, beans, potato salad and more.
  • Location: 411 Taylor St.
The newest Corpus Christi BBQ joint, Full Send BBQ offers loaded mac n cheese bowls
Brisket Mac Bowl from Full Send BBQ | Photography by Levi Guzman

Sonny’s Barbacoa & Restaurant

A South Texas list of BBQ restaurants to try wouldn’t be complete without a barbacoa joint included and Sonny’s Barbacoa is a notable favorite.

  • Must Order: Made in-house, the impossibly tender protein can be enjoyed in a breakfast plate with eggs, beans and potatoes of for lunch in a flour tortilla, topped with cilantro, onion and a generous squeeze of lime juice. Barbacoa isn’t all Sonny’s has going for it though, the pastor tacos are hard to beat. 
  • Location: 4066 S Port Ave


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Howard’s BBQ 

The folks at this classic Corpus Christi BBQ joint know that when it comes to quality BBQ, simple is sometimes best. The atmosphere at Howard’s BBQ reflects an appreciation for quality BBQ at a reasonable price and the family-owned and operated joint has been at it since 1949.

  • Must Order: The menu includes an array of smoked meats and if you dine in, get access to the all-you-can-eat veggie and salad bar. Consider stopping by the drive-thru for the Jimmy Jr., a flour tortilla wrap with marbled brisket and bbq sauce.
  • Location: 1002 Antelope St

Silverado Smokehouse

Silverado Smokehouse smokes traditional cuts of meat over fine hickory for a distinct, tasty flavor. If you’re looking for the tastiest ribs in town and an array of side dishes like mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, sweet buttered corn and more, Silverado Smokehouse is the place to go.

  • Must Order: Massive, fall-off-the-bone tender beef ribs.
  • Location: 4522 Weber Rd

Butter’s BBQ

The trip to Sinton, TX is worth it for the Butter’s BBQ experience. Everything at Butter’s is done with excellence, largely in part due to methods handed down from the generation prior. Stop by on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and get there early before sell out.

  • Must Order: Named a top 100 BBQ joint by Texas Monthly in 2021, Butter’s BBQ has become a household name due to its Post oak smoked, melt-in-your-mouth prime brisket.
  • Location: 713 E Sinton St
The best of Corpus Christi BBQ at Butter's BBQ
A variety of smoked meats and sides from Butter’s BBQ | Photography by Rachel Benavides

Mike Cotten’s BBQ

Mike Cotten’s BBQ is owned and operated by third-generation barbecue enthusiasts and has served the Coastal Bend delicious mesquite-smoked meats for decades.

  • Must Order: Mike Cotten’s prides itself on offering the finest selection of brisket, sausage, chicken, pork and turkey with its signature cheese and crackers on the side.
  • Location: 15013 Northwest Blvd #111

Taste at 555

Taste at 555, the popular uptown BBQ lunch spot has expanded its offerings to Vernon’s Mon. – Sat. New menu items at the Vernon’s location are already generating buzz, with perfect-for-the-bar bites such as brisket street tacos and a BBQ bean bowl. Lunch and dinner options include a big ‘ol burger—complete with a half-pound Boarri Craft short rib.

  • Must Order: The best way to enjoy the smoked brisket and pork at Taste at 555 is when it’s enveloped in a warm, housemade bread roll and melty cheese. Taste at 555 has mastered the BBQ kolache with the brisket colby jack, spicy brisket colby jack and pulled pork smoked gouda, all served with sweet and tangy housemade BBQ sauce for dipping.
  • Location: 555 N Carancahua and 1030 3rd St


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Recio’s Smokehouse

Known best for its enormous breakfast tacos, Recio’s Smokehouse specializes in delicious meats and more. Offering live music, comedy, dancing, this spot is a great place to enjoy some barbecue while having a great time. 

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