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FM 665 Rd
Corpus Christi, TX 78415


HALO-Flight’s mission is to provide emergency medical transport for critically ill or injured persons requiring medical or trauma facilities within our south Texas service area. Emergency assistance is provided to all persons regardless of their ability to pay.


In 1987, HALO-Flight Inc., a nonprofit charitable organization, began air ambulance service to provide the fastest and safest emergency air transportation and medical care for residents and visitors of south Texas. A small group of concerned citizens, physicians and civic groups aided in establishing this much-needed medical service. The base of operations was moved to Corpus Christi in 1989, providing a location that better served the community. Since its beginning HALO-Flight has transported thousands of critically ill and injured patients.*

Before HALO-Flight, patients were transported by ground ambulance to local hospitals and the regional trauma center in Corpus Christi, often resulting in tragic delays. Today, local hospitals rely on HALO-Flight to transport patients by helicopter throughout the south Texas service area. All transports are staffed by specially trained medical crews and outfitted with the very latest in emergency medical equipment.