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6 Local Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in Corpus Christi

From lizards and snakes to go karting and axe-throwing, here are 6 local ways to celebrate fathers day in Corpus Christi

Photography by Michael Diamante at South Texas Botanical Gardens

From lizards and snakes to go karting and axe-throwing, there’s something to do for every dad this Father’s Day. Here are 6 ways to celebrate Father’s Day in Corpus Christi.

Backyard Barbecue with Boarri Meats

What better way to celebrate dad than to have a backyard barbecue? Even better, take him to Boarri Craft Butchery and let him choose a delicious slab of meat to throw on the pit. Trust me, meat markets are like toy stores for dads.

Visit the Botanical Gardens

Have you heard the one about why trees look a little suspicious on a sunny day? It’s because they’re shady. Luckily, the South Texas Botanical Gardens has plenty of shade (and cool plants) to see this weekend. Plus, dads get in free with the secret code “Lizards & Snakes,” both of which you can also check out while you’re there.

Grab a Bottle of Bourbon and a Record

Grab a couple records from Hybrid Records and a bottle of bourbon from Aerodrome Distillery and have a listening party. Dad have a very particular taste in music? Fret not, Hybrid has a record for everyone and a vinyl is always a sound purchase.

Take Him Fishing

No need to mullet over, fishing just might be the perfect father’s day activity for the family. Whether from a pier or on a guided charter, there’s plenty of fish in the sea (to catch of course). Looking for a couple spots to fish? Bird Island Basin at the National Seashore, Packery Channel Nature Park, Cole Park Pier, and Red Dot Pier are just a few spots you can access without a boat.

Go Off the Grid for a Bit

Whether a day trip to Padre Island National Seashore or a weekend camping trip to Goose Island State Park, the Coastal Bend is nothing short of outdoor activities dad will love. Looking for a bit of guidance? We’ve got you covered.

Take Him Go-Karting

Dad’s got a need for speed? Take him go-karting at In the Game Funtrackers where you can race, but make sure you let him win (at least once, we don’t want his ego bruised on his day). You can also throw axes, play arcade games or lazer tag, or even hit a few knockouts in the batting cages.