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5 Best Micheladas

The classic Mexican beer cocktail

By: Kylie Cooper  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

The origins of the michelada, a classic Mexican beer cocktail, come down to two main theories. The first comes from 1910, when legend has it “El General” Don Augusto Michel would frequent a local cantina, order a beer with lime, and add hot sauce himself. The other theory states the word “michelada” really just became a catch-all phrase for beer cocktails which featured lime and hot sauce, due to its direct translation. Regardless, the iconic libation is a refreshing option for summer drinking and the opportunities for toppings seem to only get more creative by the day. 

Birrieria y Mariscos El General

This local food truck knows a thing or two about what it takes to mix up a great michelada. Their delicious version of the drink only gets better with their finishing touch of cucumbers, shrimp, and chile. Plus, El General takes things one step further by actually selling their mix! 6802 Weber Rd. 

Burger Beach Hideaway

If you’ve seen over-the-top micheladas populating your social media feeds as of late, you might already be familiar with this spot. Burger Beach Hideaway takes the michelada to new heights with their unique concoctions you won’t find anywhere else. Their build-your-own michelada approach allows patrons to choose their own adventure. Start by picking your choice of beer and before you know it, you just might have candy, fruit, or even lobster or half  a chicken inside your chalice. 6109 McArdle Rd.

La Jaivita Mariscos #2

Sometimes, less really is more. We turn to local restaurant La Jaivita Mariscos #2 for a good ole fashioned michelada, sans all the fixings. Their refreshing take on the drink is topped with a lime and a cucumber atop a perfectly chile-salted rim. Simply select your beer of choice and they’ll take care of the rest. 9440 SPID Dr. 

House of Rock

Every single Sunday down at House of Rock, you’ll find a fully-stocked bloody mary bar, but here’s the trick: You can opt for a michelada and still get all the fixings! You’ll find all the usual topping suspects such as celery, olives, and limes. You’ll also find key favorites like pieces of bacon and shrimp. However, the addition of a full meatball slider is what really does it for us. 511 Starr St.

The Barn Drive Thru Beer & Keg Haus

Brother duo Roland and Roger Rocha over at The Barn sure know how to whip up a michelada. Whether you’re taking it to-go to enjoy elsewhere or posting up on their patio, this tomato juice libation is top notch. Just make sure to ask for it fully-dressed, and understand this means a pickle popsicle is included. 

4301 S. Alameda St.