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Hummingbirds Need Your Help

04/14/2021 04:43PM ● By Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co.

By: Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co.

We’re starting to see hummingbirds make their way through for the Spring migration! These tiny birds are BIG eaters. They need to feed several times an hour and consume half their body weight in food each day. The February freeze damaged a large amount of the hummingbird’s food source, and the plants that are coming back are coming into bloom later than normal. This makes it hard for birds to find the food they need to continue to migrate.  

The good news is…humans can help! While you’re replacing plants and revamping areas this Spring, consider plants that look great and provide lots of nectar for hummingbirds to feed on. A few of our favs for South Texas are Firecracker Plant, Cuphea, Salvias (like Salvia greggii and Salvia leucantha), and Cape Honeysuckle.   

You can supplement those hummingbird plants with some feeders. Fill your feeders with 1 part sugar + 4 parts water and be sure to change water every 3-4 days this Spring and every 2-3 days in the Summer.