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When we help one another, we all get by a little easier. 

In light of the current standings of COVID-19, we are encouraging anyone who is able to purchase gift cards to local establishments in the Coastal Bend. When you purchase a gift card (suggested $10 minimum), post it and tag us, using the hashtag #TBgiftcards and we will send you a link to receive a three-year subscription to The Bend Magazine for just $5 as our way of saying thank you.

In addition to the subscription, The Bend Magazine, thanks to an anonymous donor, will be making a donation to various local charities whose current forces are being aimed towards helping those affected most by the COVID-19 situation at hand. 

50 gift cards total = $1,000 donation

100 gift cards total  = $2,500 donation

500 gift cards total  = $7,500 donation

1,000 gift cards total  = $10,000 donation 

When feeling helpless, helping others in whatever way we can seems right. Our hope with this campaign is to lend a helping hand to our local community by supporting our local businesses and non-profit organizations who help make the Coastal Bend such a special place to live.

*final donation amount will be split evenly between chosen charities at the end of the campaign (4/17/2020)*