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Kick Back and Catch a Vibe at Muse Bistro

11/18/2020 01:36PM ● By Luis Arjona

By: Luis Arjona   Photos Via: Muse Bistro

When hearing the word "brunch," mimosas, chicken n' waffles, and a pleasant afternoon with loved ones come to mind. Synonymous with good times, Corpus Christi is a beautiful setting for establishments providing great drinks and food for a "Sunday Funday." Downtown Corpus Christi is continually growing and evolving. The arrival of MUSE Bistro is another instance of progress and investment in our community.

Located on Starr Street, MUSE Bistro brings a laid-back environment coupled with house music, elegant décor, and a great menu. The new restaurant is looking to establish itself as a local favorite.  Geographically located in Corpus Christi, MUSE Bistro can transport its patrons. The restaurant makes one feel as if they are visiting a posh restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Speaking in terms of aesthetics and design, the branding and image of MUSE Bistro are intentional and well-curated. From the menu and interior design, passion and effort are evident.

This venture's passionate execution is thanks to owners and long-time friends, Monet Love and Michelle Joseph. Friends since middle school, the two had the concept for MUSE Bistro dating back to 2017. The two business partners are Houston natives, but Love decided to become a transplant in the Coastal Bend. Spending the past two and a half years here in Corpus Christi, Love enjoys her new home. "I love everything Downtown Corpus Christi is doing," Love states when describing her experience here in the city. Love and Joseph noticed the downtown area was lacking a brunch spot. The two bring a solution with their vision.

Inspired by the culmination of heritages and culture in Houston, Texas, Love and Joseph curated the menu with Creole and Hispanic inspired items to serve on their menus. From Huevos Rancheros to Cajun Papa Bravas, the food looks incredible. MUSE's menu holds distinctive variations to traditional dishes for those willing to take on a fun culinary journey during their meal. If given the opportunity to order anything for her table, Love unequivocally expresses the chicken n' waffle variations as her favorite dishes. "They're delicious and even to-go friendly!" Love says.

The blend of Creole and Hispanic classics with typical brunch and tapas items fit well into the scene downtown. Moreover, the restaurant doubles as an evening tapas bar with some delicious bites to enjoy while catching a vibe with some friends. 

Furthermore, MUSE is an acronym for "manifest, utilize, sacrifice, and excel," Love mentions. I see each word applying to the owners' daily lives.  Love goes to say, "manifest utilize sacrifice and excel constitute the name for MUSE Bistro. And we think those are the four things you need to achieve any personal or professional goals."

Being a restauranteur is no easy venture to take on. The hours are long, and the profession is demanding. Love and Joseph are continually working to provide a safe experience for visitors while adding some final touches for their grand opening. The venture's timing comes with its challenges, but Love and Joseph are taking each problem in stride. Speaking with Love gave me insight into the ambition the two owners have. Of course, MUSE Bistro wants to provide "a chill weekend vibe," but the hustle to get to their vision is a constant grind. Planned for Mid December, MUSE Bistro will formally open and introduce themselves as the new kid on the block in Downtown Corpus Christi.

Until then, you can keep up with them on their Instagram and website. Keep an eye out for any of their soft openings to preview their menu and space. We look forward to seeing what MUSE Bistro brings to the Coastal Bend!