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OLAS Literary Magazine is Making Waves

10/27/2020 01:13PM ● By Luis Arjona

By: Luis Arjona   Photo Via: OLAS Literary Magazine

Do you know what we love seeing more than anything? Locals sharing their talent and encouraging one another. The Bend has not been around for long. Still, we are thankful to our wonderful community for supporting us and allowing the magazine to share the happenings and amazing people who make the Coastal Bend great. Showcasing the abundance of talent in the area is essential, considering the arts and culture scene is growing. Those individuals, businesses, collectives, etc. deserve recognition.

This is where we welcome with excitement OLAS. Pioneered by editor Vanessa Pérez, OLAS is a literary and visual arts publication focused on, but not limited to, local creators. The magazine would also like to recognize and provide a platform for smaller creators outside of the Coastal Bend. Stemming from Pérez's vision, the OLAS team has grown to include Melody Martinez as a design editor. The team also hosts an in-house creative direction team consisting of Bella Carrasco, Jose Gonzales IV, and Regina Polanco.

Aiming to provide local and smaller artists from neighboring cities with an honest, inclusive, and considerate platform, the OLAS team's inspiration for the magazine stems from the creativity exuding in Corpus Christi.

"Corpus has a thriving scene for arts and culture that extends further beyond the confines of the Coastal Bend than what we think most realize. It's like one of Texas's best well-kept secrets. There's so much life here that translates well to the page, or the canvas, or to music. We wanted to access some of that and throw it out into the universe," says the OLAS team in response to their influence for creating the publication.

Composed of a range of visuals, from photography to graphics, to paintings and the like, as well as a plethora of poems from some incredible local writers, OLAS is a myriad of beautiful work. Putting together a publication is a daunting task. Still, the new publication does an excellent job defining who they are by curating work that aligns with their mission. The OLAS team's gratitude was apparent when discussing the process of cultivating work and producing the first issue.

"We would like to thank all the featured artists and those who shared their work with us. As well as everyone who contributed their love, support, and advice throughout this process. It's our deepest hope that our community can witness the work we're putting forth. And we hope for continuity in sharing this mutual appreciation of artists and their contributions to their fields." An earnest and beautiful statement by OLAS exemplifying their commitment to the community.

OLAS is officially available for purchase. The first issue was released on October 16th, 2020. Physical copies can be found at Hybrid Records or ordered through social media. Issue 01 is running on a limited print, so get one while they are hot. Don't miss out on procuring this one-of-a-kind magazine featuring work from your favorite city on the bay!


Instagram: @olaslitmag