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Elevated Screen Printing Begins Initiative to Help Local Businesses

09/01/2020 02:22PM ● By Luis Arjona

By: Luis Arjona   Photos Via Elevated Screen Printing

We are entering the last quarter of 2020. Hard to believe when time seems to have dissipated back in March. Nonetheless, September is here, and we have three months left until 2021! Now, what may seem like a stream of breaking news, we must never forget that humanity is inherently good! Although there is less exposure, it is our job as a community to lift one another and bring a spotlight to those acting selflessly to ensure their neighbor's well-being.

Today's good-natured story is brought to you by the altruistic actions from Elevated Screen Printing. This local company began in the garage of the two partners, Jessica and Rick, back in 2015. Receiving support since then, the duo has grown from its garage set up to an upgraded location in Downtown Corpus Christi.

As a sign of appreciation to the community that has helped these two achieve their goals, Jessica and Rick initiated ElevateDowntown. Inspired to help local companies affected by the pandemic, ElevateDowntown aims to aid businesses through t-shirt sales. Partnering with willing companies in the area, ElevateDowntown exists to extend a helping hand. When discussing a company's selection, I was curious if the criteria were based on location and service. Elevated mentions, "We are starting with businesses downtown because it is a bar and entertainment heavy area. We feel they have felt the effects harder than most. However, we want to eventually expand to any other businesses in the area who want to participate."

The first round of collaborations was in partnership with BUS (Bar Under the Sun), Co-owner of Elevated, Rick, designed the back of this shirt. However, when asked if this initiative is an excellent opportunity for local artists to collaborate with them and participating businesses, Elevated is more than happy to promote local talent.

"Absolutely! That's exactly what we want to supply with ElevateDowntown. If a business has artwork from a local artist they would like to promote, then we want to highlight it. We want to elevate all of the amazing talents that are here so they stay and continue to grow this community."

Just this morning the local screen printers rolled out the next round, which will benefit local favorite House of Rock, via their social media accounts.

The minds behind Elevated are not new to helping the community. They had a similar system to help raise money for the Corpus Christi Food Bank. For this event, the company is selling shirts for twenty dollars. Ten dollars goes toward overhead and labor to produce the shirt. The remaining ten dollars goes to the collaborating business.

ElevateDowntown currently has one other business lined up for their next collaboration. If you or someone you know would be interested in working with them, please reach out! Slots are open for as early as mid-September. Let us champion locals helping locals!


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Website: Elevated Screen Printing

Instagram: @elvtd.screenprinting