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Getting Under the Hood of the New Electrical Box Murals

07/14/2020 01:23PM ● By Luis Arjona

Words and Photos by: Luis Arjona

Walking around Downtown Corpus Christi and ignoring the development occurring in the area is difficult. Our hidden gem is getting some well-deserved TLC. An example of the efforts going into revitalizing the area is the Electrical Box Mural initiative. The Corpus Christi Downtown Management District (DMD) is the organization managing the liveliness growing in our downtown. The DMD is working closely with local artists in providing murals to brighten up the area. Hints of Berlin-esque street art seep through our very walls creating an eclectic environment for locals and guests. Spurring creativity, local culture, and community, the art of downtown is the quilt that illustrates what it means to be from Corpus Christi and why we love living here. 

Speaking with Jordan Michael, the Communication and Events Manager for the DMD, she offers her highlights of working with the artists and what it means to work on revitalizing downtown. She mentions that one of her favorite moments in working on the Electrical Box Murals is the reception of the event. 

“In 2019 and 2020, the DMD sent out a call for artists. Then the public could vote on Facebook for their favorite murals. We had over 30,000 votes between the two years. It’s exciting to see the public take an active role in this project from start to finish” states Jordan when describing her favorite part of the mural process. 

These installations are an inkling of what the bigger picture is for the DMD. They are working relentlessly to create a vibrant downtown. One that is “clean, safe, and a place where people want to live, work, and play,” mentions Jordan. The evidence is there. Along with the art are the efforts of local businesses investing in the area. Some staples have been around for as long as I remember and now there is a slew of new ventures and investments to provide a more expansive atmosphere for those who want to visit our gem. 

Alex Gillis, the artist behind the Better Together mural, spoke to us about her experience working with the DMD. She mentions that working with DMD was great and having the opportunity to leave her mark on Downtown Corpus Christi is a special moment for her. Her installation is off the corner of Water Street and Peoples Street. The inspiration for her work is her view of Downtown Corpus Christi. Recreating the aura of the area as she sees it. "Which is bright, playful, and colorful," Alex states. 

Whenever you are taking a stroll throughout the downtown area, make sure to keep your head on a swivel and your eyes peeled. The murals are sprinkled throughout downtown. However, the newly elected class of 2020 is along Water Street. A map can be found here. Let us recognize our local artists working to brighten up our days and city!