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Local Meal Prep Service Offering COVID Relief Meals

06/30/2020 12:56PM ● By Luis Arjona

By: Luis Arjona  Photo courtesy of: QuickFit Foods

David Contreras is the owner and founder of QuickFit Foods. His business takes care of shopping, cooking, and delivering nutritious and delicious meals throughout the Coastal Bend. They are a meal preparation company that will be celebrating its fifth anniversary on July 1st, 2020. He maintains a healthy customer base who have shared testimonials about their lifestyle changes thanks to the delicious food. QuickFit Foods promotes healthy living while providing top tier service with contactless delivery.

David is now using his resources and talent to provide food for those in need. Starting this Sunday, July 5th, 2020, QuickFit Foods will be delivering a week's worth of lunches to five participants who require assistance on a week by week basis. David’s goal is to help those who need help throughout this crisis.

“COVID-19 positive? Single parent or have no family to help? We want to help you!” reads his post on Facebook about QuickFit Foods’ new service.

Over the past five months, QuickFit Foods has also helped the senior citizen community throughout the Coastal Bend. Delivering over one hundred meals to seniors in Corpus Christi, to as far as Alice and Banquete, Texas. To take part in this service, message QuickFit Foods on social media regarding your situation. Five participants will be selected weekly.

David wants to give back to the community by taking the burden off those who do not have familial support or cannot leave the house due to contracting COVID-19. QuickFit Foods is also open to partnerships with local businesses and restaurants who would like to help with his mission. From services to surplus food, teaming up with QuickFit Foods is for a good cause.

After speaking with David on the phone I could hear how much helping others means to him. The sincerity and infliction in his voice discussing his mission and why he wants to give back was nice to hear. Especially in this time of tension and uncertainty, some wholesome news is always refreshing.

Below is the contact information for QuickFit Foods. You can order through their social media and website.



Facebook: Quick Fit Foods

Instagram: @quickfitfoods_