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Inside Shayna Sands New EP "Motions of the Day "

06/25/2020 06:33PM ● By Luis Arjona

By: Luis Arjona  Photo courtesy of: Chris Carr via

Shayna Sands. Remember the name.

A rising name in the Americana scene, Shayna is making the Coastal Bend proud. Having opened for prominent names such as Jeff Plankenhorn, Scrappy Judd, and Terri Hendrix, Shayna is making strides as a young artist. Now living in Austin, Texas, she has been progressing as an artist and professional. With her upcoming EP releasing this week on June 26th, 2020, Shayna is getting ready for her next big move.

Shayna’s humble beginnings began in Corpus Christi. Forming a rock n’ roll band in her teens, this hobby seems to be a phase most teenagers would like to dip their toes in. For Shayna, this curiosity grew into the making of a young artist on her rise to prominence. Enjoying a stint in San Marcos, Shayna then made her move to New York City to continue her studies and hone her craft. Now, back in Texas, Shayna’s EP Motions of the Day will be a formal re-introduction of herself to the world since her self-titled EP from 2015.  

Shayna proves herself to be a well of talent as a gifted singer-songwriter and guitarist. Her EP evokes swings of First Aid Kit like folk music to Americana filled with soulful passion and lyrics. Quentin Tarantino would be remiss not to include her in the score of his next film.

After a listen to Motions of the Day, Shayna shows range and depth. The EP has a nice collection of songs exemplifying her potential. Melancholic yet comforting, her music has a nice relationship within itself. Speaking on life and the pitfalls or moments that remind us that we are alive paired with strong arrangements of melody and vocals.

Motions of the Day is a treat to those who enjoy music that can tell a story while sitting outside in the shade reaching for the lifeline that is sweet tea on a hot Texas summer day. Corpus Christi is a tight community. We always love to see those from our nest go out into the world and represent our wonderful city. Shayna Sands is also an honoree of the Corpus Christi Songwriters’ Hall of Fame for the third year in a row. Go ahead and support our local musician by checking out her work or catching a show if you can. Feel free to visit Shayna’s website to see more of her work and any upcoming news.