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The Movements, Colors, and Textures of the Sea

01/30/2020 01:38PM ● By Jessie Monsivais
By: Jessie Monsivais  Photos via: Green Sea Designs

What happens when a biologist with a desire and passion for creativity begins looking for a new outlet? Well, a local brand like Green Sea Designs, is born: thats what! Green Sea Designs is bringing their coastal art to Wildflowers during the month of February, as the local shop's featured artist of the month. The artisan behind Green Sea Designs is Emily McCauley, who is a biologist with a passion for creating Texas-based marine botanical art.  

Showcasing her latest collection, Adrift, Emily’s most significant influence comes from capturing the organic, natural movement of local algae species as they are seen underwater. The collection features local marine algae species collected and pressed by Emily, which she then mounts in rustic floating frames. Emily says the best way to capture that is to press the algae without paper as to be able to install them in the frame. After much trial and error, Emily’s fully-floating frame collection is here, perfectly capturing the movement, color, and structure of each species.

“When most people think of the ocean, they think of it as blue. However, I also fell in love with our diverse marine plant populations, and therefore I think of the sea as green instead,” shares Emily. “My hope is to raise awareness of the importance of marine habitats and coastal wetlands by showcasing the beauty of the algae, seagrasses, and plants within them and also give people a way to cherish the Texas coast in a unique way.”

All the specimens Emily uses in her work are collected from local habitats, representing local beaches and bays directly.  Emily says her work showcases the beauty of an often overlooked but essential group of organisms of our natural ecosystems.

Back in April 2019, Emily released a collection of her originals at Wildflowers. Upon the completion of her new collection, Adrift, Emily says she knew Wildflowers would be the perfect backdrop for it once again.

The pieces will be on display and available throughout the store through the entire month of February. For more information, visit and follow Green Sea Designs on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter @greenseadesigns