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Sierra Washington's Go-To Wellness Tips

By: Sierra Washington  Photos by: Lillian Reitz

I feel like I got started at this “adult” thing pretty early. I started working a 9-to-5 job in live music at age 19, and almost 5 years later, I’m 23 and own two businesses in social media marketing and e-commerce. I’ve always had this entrepreneurial spirit in me, so it makes sense that I ended up here! Between my work and personal life, I’m pretty much always cramming 20 things into one day, which usually gives me a very limited time for makeup and skincare. I’ve learned over the past few years to refine my routines in ways that work for me, and accentuate my favorite feature, which is my skin. It’s definitely taken me a few years to figure out what works for me, but this past year, I was really able to refine my routines and find products that are both proven to work, and affordable. Affordability is a big thing for me in my everyday life. (Thanks for raising me to be frugal, Dad!)

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator
My mom used to be (and still is) obsessed with Clinique, so this was the first moisturizer that I ever used. No matter how many moisturizers I try, I ALWAYS come back to this. It just works, and it works so well. This is definitely one of the pricier skincare products I buy, but a 2.5oz tub of this stuff lasts me a long time, because you only need the teeniest amount for it to work its magic.

Product available online or in-store at Ulta $54

KOSE SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil
Throw all of your makeup removing wipes in the trash. I know most of us grew up using Neutrogena wipes, but hear me out for a second. I came across this product when researching Korean skincare, and this cleansing oil ticks all the boxes for me. It’s unbelievably cheap, will take all of your makeup off in less than 15 seconds, and lasts a really long time. I use this almost every day and after a year, the bottle is still not empty.

Product available online at Amazon $9

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50+
I used to really cake on the concealer and foundation, but since I started taking care of my skin, I mostly just need a light formula with SPF that can cover some of the redness around my nose. This foundation does all of that – and as a bonus, it has hyaluronic acid, which is one of my favorite moisturizing ingredients! When applied with a beauty blender, you can barely tell this stuff is there.

Product available online or in-store at Ulta $36

Cut Down on Sugar
It’s been about one year since I cut out refined sugars from my diet, and I’ve never felt better. Sugar just makes me feel so sluggish! That’s why I made the decision initially, and my skin has definitely benefited from it, as well. Two natural sugar substitutes I use on a regular basis (mostly for my morning coffee and the occasional banana bread) are raw agave nectar and stevia. Bonus tip: making a vodka soda with La Croix is incredibly delicious.

Personal Advice

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby
These shades are the perfect, natural look for my skin tone. I don’t want to be seen from across the room, but I do like to have that, “I’ve been busy drinking water and minding my business” type of glow. I put this on my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose for an effortless-looking finish to my everyday makeup routine. Definitely use it with a light hand, though, because it’s easy to get carried away with how pigmented this stuff is. 

Product available online or in-store at Ulta $39

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser
My absolute favorite cleanser! I’ve tried so many throughout the years and felt like I finally hit the jackpot when I found this one. Harsh exfoliating scrubs have always irritated my skin, and most of them actually make me break out. This one is gentle, smells great, and has clean ingredients. Pro tip: before buying a new beauty product, go to and see how safe its ingredients are.

Product available online or in-store at H-E-B $8

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
I had never used any type of serum before I began researching multi-step skincare routines. I Googled “serums for oily skin,” since that is one of my main issues, and stumbled upon this. The niacinamide helps with congestion and enlarged pores, while the zinc helps to balance sebum (AKA oil) production. If you’re wanting to include a serum in your routine, look up The Ordinary – they are so affordable, and so good. Most of the serums are less than $9.

Product available online at Ulta $5.90

Heritage Store Aura Smudge Aromatherapy Spray Blend
I’m gonna get a little woo-woo on y’all for a second. I consider myself a spiritual person, and fully believe in surrounding yourself with positive energy. I purchased this Aura Blend at T.J.Maxx early last year, but never really used it until my grandma got really ill during the second half of the year. I went through a lot of emotions during that time – sadness, anxiety, being overwhelmed, etc. During this time, I started misting my room with this spray before I went to sleep to help get rid of any negative energies I was carrying with me and may have brought home. But, even if you don’t believe in all of that stuff – it smells amazing!

Product available online at $13