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Can You Say That in Keto?

01/30/2020 02:00PM ● By Julieta Hernandez

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

To keep life from losing its deliciousness, Margie and Rebecca of Phat Keto Co. translated the foods we love to eat into a “pretty healthy and tasty” (PHAT) version. Centered in a new location in the Dodd-ridge Plaza, the fresh eatery keeps the ball rolling on the sugar-free, gluten-free, and low-carb movement; a feat that required focus on a nice place and a fresh taste.

“This is how it started: I’m not a cook,” owner and keto-enthusiast Margie Castillo says. “I’m a baker, so I had the breads. I knew how to make all of these different breads, and Becky (Rebecca) added the rest of the menu.” 

Becky Rodriguez says, “It’s a lot of us tasting things together and figuring out what’s good. There’s not really a theme to what we do, except it being keto-genic; it’s low-carb, it’s gluten-free and sugar-free.”

What started as a personal diet for Castillo grew into a way of life, and eventual business plan – after educating herself on the right way to eat and prepare foods narrowly based on the keto and gluten-free diet, she found herself pleasantly surprised with the abundant health and conscious lifestyle that came with it. And it turned out she wasn’t the only one in the Coastal Bend seeking out this refreshingly new way of life.

Her sugar-free confections grabbed the attention of others on her own Facebook timeline first, and then Castillo agreed to start distributing her keto-genic baked goods. A small bakery on North Staples St. was where this evolved, and Castillo and Rodriguez gained experience on running a business.

“Managing all the vendors is something else,” Rodriguez laughs. “You learn that it’s not just the food and beverage vendors, but it’s also the questions like, ‘Who’s providing your electricity?’”

Expanding to pizza sandwiches and hot ham and cheese sandwiches was a big deal to consumers with dietary restrictions who wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these hot, tasty treats if gluten/sugar/carb-free alternatives didn’t exist. Additionally, the PKC team also offers vegan options upon request.

“What started out for me as just keto turned out to be a lot more than that. We help a lot of people who may be diabetic, or have celiac disease and have to avoid gluten. It’s not just keto; it’s just making healthier choices, being healthy. That’s what it turned into,” Castillo says, smiling in her apron.

3741 S. Alameda St., Corpus Christi, TX
361.342.4963  |  @PhatKetoCo