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The Divine Feminine

01/23/2020 02:53PM ● By Jessie Monsivais
By: Jessie Monsivais  Photo by: Rachel Benavides (from May 2018 Archives) 

Co-founder of Yoga Time Studios Leah Murray and Panama native Venus Berti are bringing a collective women empowerment experience to the creative hub of the Water Street Village. Join Yoga Time Studios and Water Street Hub on Saturday, January 25, for the Divine Women’s Gathering starting at 7pm. The new moon gathering includes meditation and the consumption of cacao in many forms to expand awareness and set intentions with gratitude.

“This gathering is a network of sorts for connections beyond,” Leah shares. “The cacao we are consuming has been imported from the native region of Bocas Del Toro, Panama, and is directly processed by the Ngabe-Bugle Indians of Bocas Del Toro.”

Cacao is a heart opener. Leah says there are countless reasons why it is good for you. Rich with antioxidants and iron, it works as a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant. Research suggests theobromine, the scientific name for cacao, helps protect the heart in several ways, including naturally lowering blood pressure.

 “We will be practicing light yoga and breath work in the private space of Water Street Hub. We will be seated and laying down the majority of the time and will also be placing our intentions for the new moon and releasing anything that is needed to be let go.”

Although the event is women only, Leah shares that the studio is working on creating another event for men, called The Sacred Masculine Gathering.

“This first of its kind event will allow the Corpus Christi community to experience what we have been sharing in our community in Panama. It is geared towards all women, but as we grow, it will definitely be open to all genders looking to experience the divine feminine & masculine,” Leah says passionately. “The importance of this being ladies only is that we are creating a safe space for the divine feminine to be acknowledged and expressed in all forms.”

 “Through the society, we have created boundaries and suffering, among many other emotions and feelings that are tied to our human experience. By acknowledging these patterns and facing where they come from, we create a process of rebirth - a restart button if you will. These gatherings touch on these concepts as we practice ways to be more aware.”

The Divine Feminine gatherings are donation based and will be held around the new moon or full moon of every month.

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