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01/02/2020 12:43PM ● By Alexis Harborth
By: Alexis Harborth   Photos by: Rachel Benavides

At the Keto Eatery, the motto is that you can “have your cake and Keto, too!” From a four-layer white chocolate macadamia cookie cake to miniature pumpkin pie tarts, their creations are as diverse as they are creative. This delicious new business is run by two local women who decided to share their special desserts and baked goods with the Coastal Bend. 

Several years ago, best friends Sara Martinez and Kari Bentancourt began a fitness journey. They each saw results – Martinez lost 40 pounds within three months and Bentancourt has dropped more than 70 pounds over the last three years. It’s mainly thanks to Keto, a low-carb, high-fat diet that has exploded in popularity.

Although it can yield incredible results, the Keto diet does not allow grains, baked goods, syrups or sugars – which could be a deal-breaker for any lover of breads and sweets. But thanks to sweetener alternatives and culinary prowess, Martinez and Bentancourt were able to still make themselves desserts. 

When friends and family saw and tasted what they were making, the idea was born to bring their tasty goods to the Coastal Bend. They began planning a business in May 2019 and were selling their treats the next month. 

Since they opened, they have had a strong response from the community for their rich variety of cookies, cupcakes, pies, and more. Recent batches include caramel blondie cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting, candied nuts, and cinnamon French toast cookies – just to name a few. 

They take orders on Facebook and Instagram, via e-mail, and by phone. And when an order is placed, its freshness is guaranteed. “We make fresh when people order,” Martinez says. No questions asked.

Their delicacies are so decadent that that you may not realize you aren't eating traditional sweets. It’s all because of the high-quality ingredients that go into each batch.

By using an alternative sweetener called Monk Fruit, their fare is always sugar-free. This opens the door for many others to enjoy their treats. “Our desserts aren’t only good for people on the Keto diet, but also for those with diabetes, since it doesn’t spike your blood sugar or insulin.” Martinez explains. “It’s also gluten-free!”

And from classics like strawberry shortcake cupcakes to unique creations like a churro cake, there’s no doubt they have a dessert for every craving. just try one (or many) of their delectable wares for yourself!

Contact: 361.945.4670  |  |  @theketoeatery