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Smart Landscape Design for Your Lifestyle

By: Gill Landscape Nursery 

The first step in landscape design + construction at Gill’s is to sit down with our clients and talk about their goals. Do you spend a lot of time outside? Entertaining? Do you want big views or smaller vignettes? Do you prefer a clean, minimal look or more of a lush, natural style? We have lots of options here in tropical South Texas. 

For John, his new landscape had to fit in the neighborhood, and with the design of the house. He wanted to convey a sense of calm and beauty to passersby. One of the ways Kathy (landscape designer here at Gill’s) achieved that was to create a soft barrier with pink Muhly grass to frame the house and yard.

John wants his landscape to be easy to maintain, but he enjoys doing some yardwork. He says getting out and planting flowers and pulling weeds is his therapy. He and Cookie the cowdog hang out and enjoy the scenery. Cookie knows everybody in Bessar Park – she will shake you down for treats.