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Thoughtfully Thrifted

11/27/2019 05:00PM ● By Jacqueline Gonzalez

By: Jaqueline Gonzales  Photos by: Jason Page

Kari Peritte has been a self-proclaimed thrift store junkie since high school. Today, the majority of her home décor consists of items collected over the years from her thrift store finds. The joy of securing these treasures that cost only dollars, and transforming them into a unique style, is a thrill that has stayed with her to this day. 

Three years ago, Kari and her husband fell in love with their home in the Lamar Park subdivision. They felt the neighborly area, front yard conversations, and family vibe of their neighborhood was perfect to raise their family. “Lamar Park is a big area; I love that you can just walk to Hester’s and the Lamar Park shopping center,” says Kari. The footprint of this home made for the perfect backdrop for her unique approach to home décor. 

Kari’s thrifting prowess has allowed her to transform each room by adding character and style using items, classic in design and style, found at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and numerous thrift stores. When you know your style, a piece that can be cleaned up, painted, or repurposed makes the perfect addition to your home. 

A vintage wooden vanity that belonged to her grandmother sits in the foyer at the entrance of the home. Three silver platters, which also belonged to her grandmother, sit above the vanity as a nostalgic centerpiece, welcoming all who enter. 

Thrifting and antique shopping is a good way to try out new colors and styles without the big commitment, but some pieces are just not meant to be let go. A letter press invitation store in San Angelo, Texas was liquidating its items; Kari found a tall organizer with drawers wide enough to fit legal documents and used it as a décor piece in the corner of her living room. Although it may not be a practical décor item, Kari uses it to display a bust and a gold vase, holding a piece of a plant from her backyard. In addition, an old dresser Kari fell in love with in high school sits at the entryway into the living room, making the perfect piece for storage. 

Wooden armchairs with bright orange pillows from the Salvation Army pair well with small gold nesting tables, which were a steal at Goodwill for $10. Kari is not only thrifty, she’s also creative. In lieu of lighting with multiple wires, she uses battery-operated LED lights to light up vintage sconces. 

The dining area, which used to be a soft but overpowering shade of yellow, is now a bold shade of dark green, which pairs nicely with the wooden furniture and gold accents throughout the room. A wide assortment of milk glass jars sit atop a wooden piano, and when lit with candles, the light pops off the translucent jars, bouncing off the magnolia painting and highlighting the dark shade of the room.

Artwork is a wonderful addition to any home, and while some homeowners purchase art from galleries, Kari has her own original artwork on the wall of her dining room. The print, designed on butcher paper with black ink, bears the word “sense” upside down, intermingled with loopy writing – it’s a nod to her motto to “stop worrying about making too much sense.” A motto that is clearly seen throughout the décor of her home. 

The kitchen is currently a work in progress. Kari felt the tile backsplash needed a makeover, so she used a concrete paint called Skim Coat to cover the tile, which broke the monotony of the brown shades of the granite countertops and open shelves. The sunroom, at the back of the house, is a combination work/play area. One side of the room houses a couch, rug, and toys for the kids, while the other side is what Kari calls “the room where I get to let my orange grooviness go.” With a deep-rooted love of the ’70s, Kari’s décor includes vintage typewriters, suitcases, and a banana phone, along with Beatles, Sting, and Police paraphernalia. A photo of Downtown Corpus Christi from 1928 is the perfect addition to her desk, along with her vintage Bostich desk accessories. 

Although Kari has not done any major renovations in the home, she did add a room to the garage, which is now used as a guest room and resembles a mini hotel. Her creative DIY efforts brought a colorful woven rug to serve as a headboard for the bed, and the wood around the full-length IKEA mirror was also covered in the same concrete paint used in the kitchen. A farmhouse ladder in the bathroom serves as a towel holder for the guests. 

Whether Kari is repurposing items or using vintage décor, the antique feel of her home is inviting and family-friendly. Her personality exudes out of every single corner of her home. Eclectic, intentional, and creative.