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5 Best Businesses Without A Brick & Mortar

11/27/2019 05:00PM ● By Julieta Hernandez
By: Julieta Hernandez  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

Can’t find it on the GPS? Don’t even need to! Some of the best local businesses can bring you some of the best local products without you even stepping foot in a storefront. These Coastal Bend creators and craftspeople thrive off your orders and pop-ups, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, here are some of our favorite shops without a brick and mortar location: great for shopping from the comfort of your couch or in the buzz of a farmers market. 

Sew Bonita

Based in Corpus Christi, Sew Bonita is an apparel company stitched with colors and culture. Varied among headbands, skirts, women’s shirts, bags, and even pencils are iconic designs that resonate with Latinx culture in the Coastal Bend area and beyond. The spunky sayings like “Tacos Before Vatos” and “Loca for Local” are few of the many statement pieces made with different colors, patterns, and fonts. Inspired by Elena Flores’ own Mexican culture and history, the line is vibrant and influential, and wearable for all of us.

Daze Jewelry

Hand-made, unique, and curious: Amanda Whitaker’s gemstone jewelry is meant to adorn the “modern bohemian” person, and colorfully it shall. Crafted in a Corpus Christi home and distributed via her Etsy shop, Daze Jewelry is always creating custom gem pieces for customers (who pre-order in advance!) on her shop page and her Facebook.

Persnickety Vegan

Grabbing attention from the sweet tooth community and the plant-based community alike, Persnickety Vegan has provided locals with treats fresh out of the oven. Gorgeous geode cakes and warm cinnamon rolls can be made to order or picked up while they last, for plant-based and non-plant-based dessert enthusiasts alike. Even so, Persnickety looks out for those interested in the plant-based news of the Coastal Bend, so check out their Instagram for community updates. @PersnicketyVegan

Serfer Brew Kombucha 

Getting into a healthier lifestyle is always a good thing, but it’s not always the easiest thing to get excited about. Serfer Brew, with a  vision to emulate all the values of a Corpus Christi local brand, started selling their kombucha at the Corpus Christi Downtown Farmer’s Market in September of 2017. They started using bottles a month after (in an effort to help with the city’s glass recycling, they have a bottle return policy at 75 cents per returned bottle) and have become a staple and a favorite at the different farmer’s markets around the city. You can also buy their tasty booch now at Coffee Waves!

Moonstone’d Pottery

Ceramics are made better when crafted locally. Moonstone’d Pottery has been a favorite brick-and-mortar-less business in the Coastal Bend since its inception in 2016. The one-woman-show is run by artist Alex Chapa and c an be found at various markets and pop-ups around the community throughout the year. From coffee mugs and plate ware to planters and incense holders, her functional pottery makes for the perfect gift to yourself and others. She operates in small batches, ensuring delicate details in every piece. Check out her Facebook or Instagram! @moonstonedpottery