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Haute on the Range

11/14/2019 05:54PM ● By Kylie Cooper

Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Just this week, inside the bustling Lamar Park shopping center, Charity League of Corpus Christi, in partnership with Julian Gold, announced their pick for this year’s Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon designers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Charity League, the one thing you should know about the local organization is how fiercely dedicated they are to improving the quality of life for citizens in our community. In fact, that is what the non-profit organization is founded on. The Charity League of Corpus Christi, a local non-profit group of 40 women, has been focused on doing charitable work in our community since 1934. Each year, they choose a local non-profit to raise money and advocate for the entire year, from funds raised by the public. This year, Timon’s Ministries was chosen for “their hard work and the difference they make in the community,” said Michell Ezell, President of Charity League.

Timon’s, located in Flour Bluff, is a faith-based day rescue center which helps low-income families and the homeless to get back on their feet. The non-profit does this by providing daily meals, a place where people can shower, a food pantry, laundry services, and free medical, dental, and vision services.

One huge aspect to Charity Leagues fundraising efforts comes in the form of their annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon. The event is talked about all year long and the theme, along the with chosen designers, are always highly anticipated.

This year’s theme, “Haute on the Range: The Mystic of Marfa” was chosen by Charity League Chairmen, Haley Bennett and Blaire Turnbull. “These wonderful women spent all summer working on theme ideas and ended up with one of their favorites,” said Ezell. “They both loved the idea of a western theme without it being ‘too country.’” And so, the theme was chosen, and from there, Karen Dellinger and others on her team at Julian Gold began the process of choosing the designers to showcase. 

In an effort to bring out the upscale and magical elements seen in Marfa, Texas, Dellinger really wanted to find designers who would complement the theme’s elevated mystique seen throughout the little Texas art town. “Marfa has such a magical, prominent feel to it,” said Dellinger. “So, we wanted to relay that message in the designers chosen.” With that in mind, designer Caroline Constas was selected. Constas’ designs are known for their key silhouettes, including breezy shirtdresses and off-the-shoulder tops made in weightless cottons and sumptuous fabrics. The designer’s worldliness inspires her to create an exciting line to accentuate a woman’s frame.

In addition to the fashion designer chosen, this year, and for the first time ever, a jewelry designer was also selected to be showcased at the Style Show. Ammanii Jewelry, founded and designed by Amany Shaker, was born from the desire to tell stories and unite women while transcending cultural barriers. There is a shared journey of hope and revived dreams translated through every design she creates. Her designs also perfectly encapsulate this year’s theme and every piece has a beautiful and thoughtful story behind it. “We are thrilled to have both Caroline Constas and Ammanii as our featured designers this year,” Ezell said. “I don’t know how Karen and Julian Gold do it every year, but they always find designers that totally fit our theme and this year is no exception.”

You can expect to see the incredible designs from both featured designers at this year’s Style Show on February 27th, 2020 at the American Bank Center. As one of their biggest funding opportunities of the year, proceeds from the event will directly benefit Timon’s Ministries. When all is said and done, Ezell is truly looking forward to hearing the final fundraising total and seeing the reaction from Kae Berry and all of the Timon’s Ministries representatives present that day. “I will for sure be crying happy tears, we all will,” she said. “It’s such an awesome feeling to see the generosity of our community. We live in a very special community and Timon’s makes a huge positive impact here.”

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