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No Shoes, Full Service

11/01/2019 04:52PM ● By Jessie Monsivais
By: Jessie Monsivais  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Port Aransas is one of the most beloved spots in South Texas. With 18 miles of coastal beauty, the small beach town has plenty of fun and engaging things to offer for tourists and locals alike. Adding to the richness of the Texas gem is Barefoot Beans, a new local tropical java spot.

Owner Jace Thompson grew up working summer jobs in Port Aransas, and moved there from Portland, Texas, after high school. Jace shares the story of finding the inspiration to open up Port Aransas’ second coffee shop.

“I've always loved coffee, but never really thought of selling it,” he says. “During a summer trip to Costa Rica, I checked out a couple of coffee farms. One of the interesting things I learned is the detail that goes into planting and caring for the crops. The process is very labor-intensive and mostly done by hand, which I appreciate. What I discovered is that the less handled a bean is, the better the quality. Needless to say, after my visit to Costa Rica, I was inspired.”

Jace returned home on a wave of inspiration, connecting with friends and family to discuss ideas about opening a shop.

“I realized that although Port Aransas is one of the busiest places in the summer, it only had one coffee shop,” says Jace. “I went back and forth with different ideas – should I open a coffee shop on wheels or find an existing location? The ideas are the easy part, but putting them into action is where the real work started.”

Ultimately, Jace decided to find an existing location in Port Aransas. Dream became reality when he met with owner of Port A Beer Hut, Tim Everitt.

“Tim offered me an opportunity I could not turn down,” Jace says excitedly. “He was in the process of building Port A Beer Hut, a drive- thru and bar with a super-chill beachfront island feel. Lo and behold, I found my spot to start Barefoot Beans.”

Barefoot Beans is the only spot in Port A offering pour-over, nitro tea, and coffee. Sourced with locally roasted beans from Bloom City Coffee Co., the Almond Joy is a mocha and coconut iced coffee mixed with half and half; or try the Nutella with hazelnut and mocha. Barefoot Beans also serves a mixed berry tea from Egypt with added lavender, and coconut extract served on Nitro tap.

The most popular choice at Barefoot is their signature upside-down caramel macchiato and mocha. Served in a small glass, this energetic beverage is layered backward with flavored syrup at the bottom, then frothed milk, and topped with a shot of hand-pressed espresso.

Its laid-back and relaxing atmosphere has a tropical beach vibe, and since it’s joined with Port A Beer Hut, Jace says, “Barefoot Beans is the only coffee shop in Port A where you can get two kinds of a buzz!” 


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