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Restoring Bodies & Confidence

10/31/2019 03:43PM ● By Alexis Harborth
By: Alexis Mays  Photos by: Lillian Reitz

From medical teams to support groups, the fight against cancer is multifaceted. This ever-evolving and growing list of advocates now includes cosmetic tattoo artists. Permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics, such as microblading and microshading, can restore what is often lost due to treatments. What it’s also restoring, is confidence.

Tina Lain, owner of Gold Dust Cosmetic Tattooing, is a certified cosmetic tattoo artist with 20 years of experience. She has dedicated the last five years of her career to the art of cosmetic tattooing, working with clients during various stages of cancer, from diagnosis to remission. Tina is considered a master of the cosmetic tattooing technique referred to as microblading, which is both a science and an art.

“The process of medical tattooing is similar to a medical procedure, in that there are legally mandated guidelines outlined to ensure the safety of both the client and the artist alike,” she explains. Gold Dust Cos- metic Tattooing holds the highest rating with the Texas Department of State Health Services, ensuring the studio maintains current licensing and follows proper sterilization protocol.

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique used to create hair-like-strokes, which can be tattooed manually or with an electric machine. In both cases, pigment is implemented into the dermis at the time of the application, creating a three-dimensional eye- brow. As Lain explains, “selecting pigment is done with the client’s natural follicle, skin type, and tone in mind. When pigments are matched properly, and the technique of microblading is applied professionally, optimal results will make it virtually impossible to differentiate between a tattooed stroke and a natural hair follicle.” For her clients, it does much more than recreate eyebrows. “Cosmetic tattooing provides an individual with an opportunity to experience their own version of victory, the joy of seeing themselves as who they once were – or better still, as they’ve never felt before, whole.”

One such woman who has bene ted from Tina’s skills is Cherri Durbin.

At the age of 31, Durbin received difficult news. “I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ductal Carcinoma cancer,” she says. “I began chemotherapy, and they said I would likely lose my hair within two weeks. Sure enough, 14 days later, I lost my hair.” e loss was difficult, because it was a visual acknowledgement of a fight for her life.

It was a battle from which Durbin emerged victorious, having been declared cancer-free by MD Anderson several years ago. However, there were still aspects where cancer left a lasting mark. “After chemo, your hair doesn’t always grow back or grow back the same,” she explains.

“My brow follicle never grew back completely.” After some consideration, she decided to have a consultation with Tina. After the two-part cosmetic procedure, Durbin says, “I had an immediate weight released from my shoulders. I felt like it helped me complete a journey.”

When it comes to permanent or semi-permanent cosmetics and procedures, Lain and Durbin encourage people to make an educated choice and one that’s right for them. “Be informed and well-educated. Go to
a professional,” Durbin says. “Be bold. Be brave. Be supportive of each other. Be who you are meant to be.”

Thanks to Tina Lain and the talented team at Gold Dust Cosmetic Tattooing, life-changing transformations are being done right here in Corpus Christi helping to restore the confidence that others so often lose.


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