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Fresh Landscape Update for New Homeowners

By: Gill Landscape Nursery

Meet Austin and Erin. When they purchased their new home about 2 years ago, they felt like the landscape didn’t really make sense:  some of the plants were nice, but the design was too symmetrical and bland. They tried a DIY approach at first, but decided they were missing the professional, modern touch they were looking for. Plus, South Texas clay soil is not easy to dig into – time to call in the pros!

Phillip, a landscape designer here at Gill’s, was able to work with Austin and Erin on a design that created a better sense of flow – less symmetry and more curves and layers. Since the plants in their existing landscape were relatively young, Phillip and his team were able to rearrange some areas using existing plants – including Erin’s Agave that she grew in a pot. Once the work was complete, they used some well-placed outdoor lighting to highlight trees and design details at night.

Austin and Erin both say that the thing they enjoy most about the updated landscape is the sense of calm that the design creates. Now that they’re feeling good about the spacious front yard, they’re working with Phillip to design the back.