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Local Ways to Celebrate Fall (Even if it’s Still 80° Outside)

10/17/2019 01:46PM ● By Kylie Cooper
By: Kylie Cooper  Photo by: Rachel Benavides 

Whether our South Texas weather gods like it or not, the fall season is here. You might not be able to bust out the turtlenecks and over coats just yet (if you’re reading this and you aren’t from South Texas, please refrain from laughing), but nevertheless, we are ready for all the cozy goodness that comes along with the season change. 

Festivals (which we won’t go into in this – there is a whole different article for that), pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and more – there are plenty of ways to get festive this season in a local way. So, with a high temperature of 84° and green trees all around us, we are scoffing at those who wish to keep us down!

For starters, every Coastal Bend resident must find time to make their way out to Robstown for the annual Rockin’ K Farm. This fall family tradition allows us to feel like a proper autumn is actually possible. With a massive corn maze, pumpkin patch, backyard and carnival-like games, farm animals, a train ride, and other activities, this farm has something that everyone from grandma to granddaughter will enjoy. There are so many other activities and things to check out while you're there; we simply cannot list them all. Head to their website to see everything you can expect from your visit. 

Next up on our fall suggestions is most definitely visiting a pumpkin patch. Yes, this is the one time we can all allow our basic-ness to shine bright and shamelessly take (and then post) photos in the pumpkin patch that look exactly like everyone else’s. There are a handful of patches to visit in the Coastal Bend. Grace United Methodist Church, St. John’s United Methodist Church, and Asbury United Methodist Church are just a few of the patches now open until October 31st. (How do we really feel about pumpkin carving, you guys? I personally am not the biggest fan, but that is probably just because I’m not any good at it.)

After you’ve found your way through the corn maze and picked the perfect pumpkin to carve, it’s time to get your fright on. Not for the faint of heart, there are tons of local scare tactics to subject yourself to this season. The annual tradition of Fright Night Haunted House is a definite recommendation if you are looking to scream approximately 300 times before you make it out by running away from someone who is probably holding a chainsaw. The USS Lexington also offers a spooky time for all with the Haunting on the Blue Ghost. 

If you’re anything like me, then you might prefer your spook served up on stage. If that’s the case, our local theaters have you covered! Join the Harbor Playhouse for their tradition of the production “Evil Dead: The Musical” from October 18th through Halloween night. For you newcomers, there is a “Splatter Zone” and yes this means fake blood will be involved. Aurora Arts Theatre will also be continuing their production of “The Rocky Horror Show” through November 2nd, but don’t wait when purchasing these tickets. This show sells out quick!

After all the festive actives, pumpkin seeds and goop, and scares, you’ll probably be fairly hungry. Even if the weather isn’t necessarily ideal, there are local spots to indulge in your fall favorites. Perhaps a bowl of Nuevo Café’s iconic Poblano Soup will put you in the autumn mood? Or maybe a tall glass of Coffee Waves’ Spiced Cold Brew will do the trick? For all we know, these two items might pair perfectly together and getting them both to-go, in order to enjoy at the same time, might allow you to experience a life-changing epiphany. Who knows! 

The one thing we do know? Ready or not, fall has arrived in the Coastal Bend and we (I) couldn’t be happier. What are some of your favorite Coastal Bend fall traditions? Let us know in the comments below and tag us in your Coastal Bend fall photos on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our digital platforms!