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Effortlessly Elegant

09/06/2019 11:16AM ● By Michela May
By: Michela May  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

In a matter of just four months, one local resident has managed to make a name for herself in the Coastal Bend area. While working as a dental assistant, Daisy Holsenbeck began to feel a lack of fulfillment at the end of her days, so – inspired by a desire to do something that brought joy into her life – she began her own jewelry brand back in April of this year.

Holsenbeck allowed her love for the seasons and nature to inspire her work, and the results are beautiful pieces that are both delicate and airy. It started as a simple pastime activity, where she could get lost in her creative mind for a while, but turned into a now fast-growing company. Holsenbeck never expected this to happen, but deep down she had always wanted to make something for herself and the community – to be her own boss and work with something that allowed her to feel like she was doing something right.

The first pair of earrings Holsenbeck crafted was for a special event, and it spun into this lifelong dream. Her earrings are now being picked up by many boutiques in the Coastal Bend, first starting at a friend’s store in McAllen, and eventually carried across the nation. Bloggers in California, New Jersey, and Tennessee began snatching up her latest collection, even before it officially hit the market. Her jewelry was also featured as local shop, Wildflowers', artist of the month in August.

People were asking for these beautiful pieces of artwork before the first launch day, all in hopes of adding a little extra air to their everyday outfits – and you really can wear these every day! Each of her earrings are crafted with all types of people in mind. Using skin-friendly metals and lightweight stones, Holsenbeck creates something even those with the most sensitive ears can wear. She wants to make sure everyone has the chance to look and feel good in their outfit, without being weighed down by clunky statement pieces.

“I just want people to put on a pair of my earrings and be effortlessly elegant,” she says. “These earrings are designed to be timeless, so that you can look back years from now and think that they’re still in style.”

You can really see the love and dedication she puts into every piece. Holsenbeck laughed as she admitted to using some of her lunch hours at the once to look up new gems and metals for her earrings. All of her stones are hand-selected and shipped to her from places in India, Greece, and Egypt. She makes sure every find fits together perfectly, and will often stumble across something that sparks a new idea in her head.

She has bright plans for the future, too. Holsenbeck has already released two lines of earrings, her latest being a twist on summer flowers with an added daring spin on colors and shapes. The new black marble in some of her August releases have caught my attention more than once, and the combination of pearls, gold flowers, and stones of others are beautifully whimsical and just as eye-catching. However, she is ecstatic to be working on a bridal collection soon, not to mention a few ideas about holiday lines that she has happily pored over.

Holsenbeck truly has a gift  in jewelry making, and one day hopes to expand that talent into necklaces, bracelets, and rings. She thanks everyone for her success – from her family and friends to the customers, because this is why she wants to create such beautiful pieces. She’s in awe of the Coastal Bend lifestyle and how it has changed in recent years to welcome new artists and creators, and she wants to give back to them because of that. 

Contact: | @daisyholsenbeck