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Elevated Minimalism

09/06/2019 11:04AM ● By Jacqueline Gonzalez
By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

A good family home should be practical, functional, durable, and comfortable – but also fun. Amy and Justin Brandt took their passion for  flipping houses and created the perfect home for their family. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Amy and Justin are passionate about the Coastal Bend, and want people to enjoy the homes they live in. As a hobby, the Brandts began purchasing “ fixer-uppers” and restoring them to their former glory. With Justin behind the handiwork and Amy using her talent for selling houses and connecting potential buyers with the homes of their dreams, they soon discovered this is what they were meant to do. 

“We love that every house we work on has its own story,” says Amy, and theirs is no exception.  The Brandts were already settled in a house of their own when they stopped by to help a friend clear out furniture from a home she was preparing to sell. Amy immediately noticed the potential in that house, and decided it was her new project. 

First impressions are important. The front of the Brandt home showcases a classic marriage with contrasting shades of black and white, creating elevated minimalism. Two wooden rocking chairs, coated in an iconic regal shade of black, add personality to the front, along with a well-manicured lawn. Needless to say, upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with both elegance and a soothing, minimal feeling.

Seeing the potential in every project, Amy and Justin took to removing the heavy, plush drapery and pink tones of the interior’s past, and helped the home’s transition into a functional space for their family, all while preserving and highlighting the character already present.

The multi-functional living area creates two different living rooms, which allowed Amy to have the proper space for her Bible study group, as well as a space for the kids to enjoy play time.  The adult living room offers a relaxed environment with plush furnishings, while the children’s living room has a more fun, playful vibe – a perfect place for kids to gather. The home originally featured a wet bar, which Amy then closed up and converted into a designated space for her home office.

The bedrooms showcase a fun color palette consisting of seafoam green, brown, taupe, and gold, while their son Hank’s bedroom proudly boasts a little man cave: A plush hunting trophy, a framed photo of a bronco that has been in Justin’s family for years, and a portrait of a dog, painted by Justin, make for the perfect boys’ room.  Their daughter, Emma, sleeps like a princess in her chic, farmhouse styled room, complete with dusty pink accents and horses. 

Adequate lighting is a very important modern and minimalist staple. Luckily, the Brandt home is  filled with large windows, fulfilling not only the lighting requirement, but also providing a beautiful view of the neighborhood. Natural light floods into the home in just about every room. 

The lighting and windows provide a beautiful visual for the dining area.  The long wooden dining room table showcases Justin’s carpentry skills, and a rustic blue and white striped table runner, decorated with greenery in white stoneware vases, adds a perfect farmhouse touch. Gold and brass light fixtures in various shapes and sizes also bring an added element to multiple spaces in the house, such as the dining areas, entryway, and kitchen.

The kitchen is an ideal canvas for farmhouse décor, although the minimal basis is not lost here.  This area of the house strikes a subtle balance between a modern and traditional aesthetic, making for a great decorating project. Accessories displayed throughout the kitchen infuse the Brandt family’s personality into the space. Custom-made open shelving, housing kitchen staples, brings a casual feel, while a chinoiserie vase provides a chic and feminine touch. Fresh  florals are also a must when it comes to adding pops of color and charm to this space.

Amy and Justin opted for a more modern, open concept for the kitchen and removed a wall to incorporate a larger pantry. A cozy little breakfast nook sits off  to the side, making a perfect family gathering space for a quick bite before starting the day. Upon hearing Amy and Justin discuss their desire to add more art to their home, their daughter, Emma, created beautiful, hand- drawn works of art that adorn a cork board on the wall by the breakfast nook.

The master bathroom is the crème de la crème of the home – as in this truly is the bathroom of all of our dreams.  e space consists of a very simple color scheme of solely white. Accents of gold are seen in the hardware and light fixtures, while subtle elements of green come from plants spread throughout. But the main attraction of this space is the bathtub: Sitting cattycorner against two large windows, this ultra-sleek tub is just asking for you to forget about your day’s worries.  is area of the house becomes a safe haven of sorts after a long day’s work.

“It’s been a team effort,” says Justin of the hard work put into their home. “We love collaborating with local businesses, and they’ve been great.” Justin and Amy credit Gill’s Nursery, Southern Painting, Anchor Plumbing, Nesmith Electrical Services, Moreno’s Glass, and many more for their diligent work in bringing their dream home to life.

Every corner in the Brandt home is filled with character and personality, and proudly displays their talent and passion for homes. They’re only just beginning; the Brandts have many projects on the horizon, and whatever each project entails, we’re sure it’s going to be a success.