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Need a Lift?

08/30/2019 04:48PM ● By Laura Shaver
By: Laura Shaver  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Selina Hinajosa’s everyday goal is to show women how they can use fitness to help their bodies, minds, and spirits. Hinajosa opened Lift by Selina, a personal training studio at her home in the Waverly Estates neighborhood, in the summer of 2016.

She has been a certified fitness professional since 2000 with the International Sports Sciences Association, and she is currently an Elite Fitness Professional, a certified exercise specialist, and a corrective exercise specialist.

After years of training at and managing various fitness facilities, Hinajosa felt called to start her own business in her hometown of Corpus Christi. “We were blessed with a home that had a detached storage area to use as a personal training studio,” she says. “Basically, we converted the ‘man shed’ into my training space with a little TLC. We painted the walls, and put mats on the floors.”

The mission of Hinajosa’s business is centered on helping those in need. She works with individuals who have chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, and Lupus. In private or small group training sessions, she also assists those with muscle imbalances.

“So many of us sit over a computer all day, or looking down at our devices, and over time our bodies present with hunched shoulders and a forward neck,” she says. And those stretched muscles eventually develop scar tissue, which can lead to muscular-skeletal problems.

Hinajosa also serves as a trainer for those whose physical therapy commitments have ended, but who wish to continue a physical fitness program. “I take pride in keeping up with and maintaining doctors’ orders,” she smiles.

One woman who attends sessions regularly is battling obesity and does not feel comfortable in a typical gym setting. Another is under a doc- tor’s care for heart palpitations, so Hinajosa carefully plans her exercise regimen, and another client lives with Lupus, so her routine is customized to her needs. “She has progressed beautifully,” says Hinajosa.

While Hinajosa gears her services toward helping those in need, she also fully welcomes women looking to get stronger and in shape. With Hinajosa’s guidance, women learn proper form and biomechanics and focus on healthy movement and progressing to full body workouts.

“I have found that women are hesitant to li weights and want to focus solely on cardio workouts. They haven’t learned how to properly do a dead li or a bench press. But these are the exercises that change our bodies and our composition,” says Hinajosa.

At Lift by Selina, it’s not always about losing weight; it’s about getting stronger and preparing women’s bodies for the little, everyday challenges, such as bending over to pick up children, squatting to perform a task at a lower level, or reaching high above our heads to retrieve an item.

What women will also find in Hinajosa’s studio is an abundance of love and kindness and encouragement. “I hope others see my love for God and my gratefulness for the strength he has given me through my actions and words,” she said.

Originally the name of the studio – LIFT by Selina – stood for Ladies in Faith Together. About six months ago, Hinajosa re-branded the small company, and now the word “Lift ” can take on personal meaning for each client. “It means we lift weights, but we also li each other in encouragement, hope, faith, and empowerment.”


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