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Pretty Pawsome Pets

08/30/2019 04:40PM ● By Kylie Cooper
By: Kylie Cooper  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

You know that moment? The one where you catch yourself just staring at your pet and have the inner thought of: "How long have I just been sitting here staring at this four-legged creature doing nothing but merely existing, yet somehow I have been entirely entertained?" Yeah, we are familiar with that notion. So much so, we decided to dedicate our cover feature to it (and because it was a definite crowd favorite from previous years). We put out a call for the Coastal Bend's cutest pets and boy did the floodgates open. After multiple heart-wrenching rounds of narrowing down over 150 entry forms, all just as cute as the one before, we finally landed on 25 finalists. Those finalists were then put up to a vote for our readers to pick who they'd like to see in the magazine. From a vivacious and incredibly smart pig to a tiny Chihuahua who can pack a punch, we present to you the eight cutest pets!

 Felicia, The Juliana Pig - 1 year

Piggy Power. While some people might associate the characteristic of laziness to the pig, our girl Felicia is quite the opposite. She can jump at least three whole feet into the air.

Dog or Pig? Felicia has been trained similar to the likes of a pup. Her owners have taught her how to sit and lay down on command. She also is totally potty trained and will let you know when she is ready to be both let in and out to take care of her business. Oh, and she enjoys walks on the leash from time to time.

Code Pink. When guests arrive to the house, Felicia is ready and waiting. She will alert the whole abode to a new- comer’s presence by barking when a knock on the door is heard – and when we say bark, we mean bark.

A Big Personality. If a live-action film were to be made about her life, the voice of Felicia’s character would be done by none other than Tiffany Haddish. They are both loud, energetic, and make their presence known to all.

Life Swap. On the topic of celebrities, if Felicia were to swap lives with a celebrity one day, she would choose Cardi B. This is because she feels as though the random noises she is constantly making would be very similar to the random noises Cardi B is constantly making. No one would ever know the difference!

A True Champion. If Felicia was to be on a reality TV show, she would have to go on “Man v. Food.” It goes with- out saying she would blow her competition out of the water. Eating excessively isn’t just Felicia’s favorite pastime, she looks at it as a way of life.

Mattey, The Sheltie-Mix - 12 years

A Fox at Heart. One of Mattey’s coolest characteristics is that she resembles a fox! So much so that if she were to be any celebrity, she would most certainly be the CARFAX Fox, because he is basically her identical twin. 

Sneaky Sneaky. Mattey’s favorite snack usually comes in the form of something she wants but cannot have (relatable). Snagging a sandwich off the coffee table when all eyes are turned elsewhere is her go-to cheat meal.

A Fear of Missing Out. This pup loves a good boat day. Once, her parents were loading the car up for a boat ride and didn’t ask Mattey if she’d like to join. The FOMO was real and she decided to take matters into her own paws. She was nowhere to be found upon leaving the house until they checked...the boat. She had taken it upon herself to extend the invite.

Sole Survivor. If Mattey were to decide to send her audition tape in for a reality TV show, it would be going to the offices of “Survivor.” This is because, when the game is all said and done, there is only one survivor, and Mattey will outwit, outlast, and outsmart them all.

Fourth Time’s a Charm. This pup had been adopted three times prior to finding her destined human parents. Her family was seeking a friend for their other Sheltie and decided to go the adoption route. Her previous owners had all returned Mattey for being too aggressive, but with the right training and abundant love, Mattey found her forever home.

A Country Gal. Mattey’s favorite song to listen to is pretty much anything by George Strait. While it is unclear whether this love is her own or forced upon her by her mother, the King of Country is still her favorite nonetheless.

Bella & Beau, The Golden Doodle Duo - 1.5 years

Cherry on Top. This dynamic duo has a bit of a sweet tooth. Other than bacon-wrapped sweet potato treats, their favorite way to enhance any meal comes in the form of a nice dollop of Reddy-Wip oh-so-delicately placed atop their bowl of food.

 You’ve Got Some ‘Splaining to Do. Bella and Beau’s
TV star twins would be Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, and not
just because they’re a match made in heaven. While Bella lends herself to the Lucy type, being the comic relief in any situation, Beau tends to be a tad bit more reserved. Plus, he has a certain suaveness to him – one that is eerily similar to Ricky’s.

One Day You’re In and the Next You’re Out. If Bella and Beau were to compete on a reality TV show, they would be contestants on “Project Runway.” This seems like the only logical choice due to their impeccable style, tendencies to judge other’s and their own fashion choices, and the chance to be the center of attention come Fashion Week.

Ready or Not. One of the pups’ favorite pastimes is playing hide-and-seek with one another. Beau is the resident seeker, while Bella’s go-to hiding spots are behind a chair or laying low to the ground. A few rounds of this take place before a necessary cool down dip in the pool.

Love Bugs. It’s been said there’s not a single aggressive bone in either Bella’s or Beau’s body – and we can confirm this to be true. Not only is their love for each other enough to send tears streaming down your face from a cuteness overload, but their love for strangers is just as abundant.

Pets on Pets on Pets. People often worry when adopting littermates, as it can sometimes cause the animals to get so attached to one another, it becomes hard for them to create bonds with humans. However, for Bella and Beau, this could not be further from the case. Whether it is their constant desire for attention or just wanting to be cuddled, this pair can’t get enough pets.

Teddy, The Boston Terrier Mix - 19 weeks 

Two is Better than One. Teddy was born with the rather rare condition heterochromia. This means he has two different colored eyes – the result for Teddy is a beautifully striking blue and black eye.

Braver Than Most. While most pets are usually frightened by the sight or sound of a vacuum, Teddy looks at the vacuum as an object to conquer. The first time he caught the sight of the device, he ran straight to it. After scoping out the situation, growling and barking at it a little, and eventually climbing aboard, Teddy soon began to ride the vacuum. His mom turned it off and he barked. She turned it back on and the joyride resumed.

A Charming Man. If Teddy were a celebrity, he would without a doubt take the form of Frank Sinatra. He is classy, sophisticated, and charming, and his one blue eye is rather reminiscent of Frank’s baby blues.

Mortal Enemies. While he might have a peculiar love for the vacuum cleaner, he doesn’t necessarily feel that way about all cleaning products: The Swiffer mop might just be his arch nemesis.

Boy’s Best Friend. A dog might be a man’s best friend, but Teddy’s ride or die pals take the form of stuffed animals. His blue octopus keeps him busy during the day, while his stuffed elephant helps him fall asleep at night.

A True Foodie. Even at the young age of 19 weeks, this boy can eat. Like, really eat. Similar to Felicia, if he were to go on a reality TV show, it would hands down be “Man vs. Food.” He would undoubtedly blow the competition away with his mighty appetite. His favorite snack consists of cream cheese, peanut butter, and pepperoni.

 Marilyn, The Maine Coon - 9 years

Siblings, No Matter the Species. Marilyn, unlike some cats, loves dogs. After her family adopted a dog, they soon became the best of friends. She will constantly walk up to him, run her tail under his chin, and then flip over on her back and start hitting his face with her paws.

Close, But Not Too Close. She would never, ever admit it, but Marilyn loves a good cuddle. Although she enjoys her space, she needs to be in the same room as her owner at all times, but not too close – 3 to 5 feet away, to be exact. But she does enjoy being held like a baby from time to time. I mean, who doesn’t?

Passing the Time. Marilyn’s hobbies and quirks include playing with ping pong balls, perching up on windowsills for hours at a time to chirp back with the birds, and spending quality time with her pup best friend.

Will You Accept This Rose? If this beautiful cat were
to be on a reality TV show, it would have to be The Bachelorette. She wouldn’t even have to lose at The Bachelor first, she would just go straight to being the main attraction with all the fella cats lining up to steal her heart.

A Class Act. Julie Andrews would be Marilyn’s celebrity doppelgänger. This is because of her undeniable class. She is sophisticated, and a little bit sassy, and everyone knows and loves her.

Fun Facts. Marilyn’s official nickname is Snoop Catt – and it comes with a theme song. Are you ready for it? Get the tune to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” in your head. It goes a little something like this: “With so much drama in the C-R-P, it’s kinda hard bein’ Snoop C-A-double-T.”

Sasha, The Chihuahua - 13 years 

A Daily Routine. Starting your morning off right is a necessity. For Ms. Sasha, her daily routine consists of sun bathing in her favorite spots around the house where the UV rays hit just right, and then prancing along the streets of downtown with her mom and dad. I mean, we have to get those steps in – right, ladies?

Gentle Soul. Sasha isn’t really much of a barker. According to her parents, there are only three different scenarios in which she will let one out: seeing other animals, if the television has anything animated on it, or if she sees either handshakes (this is actually her biggest pet peeve) or someone clapping loudly.

Sasha in Space. This isn’t Sasha’s first media appearance; you could say she’s quite the social media influencer. This gal has been featured in many of her dad’s music videos and on the front page of the Corpus Christi Caller Times, and even has her own hashtag on Instagram. Find her at #sashainspace, where she poses with all her fans.

A Bad-A Sidekick. If Sasha were to take the form of any celebrity, it would have to be Pikachu. She’s tiny, cute, and fuzzy, but will definitely open up a can of whoopass
if need be. Plus, she totally serves as her mom’s sidekick and partner in crime when it comes to the adventures of everyday life.

Corpus Roots. True to her Corpus origin, Sasha’s favorite song to jam to would have to be “La Carcacha” by Selena. Does Sasha have a man with an old, beat up car? We aren’t sure, but what we do know is this song gets her in the mood to conquer any day.

I am Groot. If a live-action film were to be made about Sasha’s life, the voice actor of choice would be none other than Vin Diesel. Specifically, Vin Diesel doing his voice for Baby Groot. Baby Groot’s cadence would lend itself perfectly to Sasha as she is both tiny and fearless.

Emma & Mochi, The Holland Lop Bunnies - 1 year 

Full Speed Ahead. When Mochi and Emma were first adopted, their owners thought they would enjoy alone time at home – taking advantage of the quiet time provided when no one else is in the house. However, that’s not how it turned opposed to taking naps, the brother and sister duo instead begin to run laps around the house. They’ll run from room to room before tiring out.

The Office. If Mochi and Emma were to be characters from a TV show, they would be Jim Halpert and Angela Martin, respectively. Mochi would be Jim because he is cool, calm, collected, and always easy-going. Emma, on the other hand, would be Angela due to her princess personality. She is very reserved and likes to be in charge, and doesn’t particularly care for funny business.

A Happy Tune. The “Puffin Rock” theme song is what you’ll find the pair jamming to on any given day. The bunnies relate to the playful nature of the song and it never fails to lift their spirits.

Yin and Yang. Mochi and Emma are basically a match made in heaven. While Mochi would sometimes rather lay back and chill, Emma likes to live life a little more on the adventurous side and is always curious about something. Their personalities complement each other pretty perfectly.

A Power Couple. In a live-action movie about their lives, Mochi would be voiced by Sean Connery and Emma by Michelle Rodriguez. The reasoning behind this? Mochi would totally have a James Bond vibe to him and would need a voice actor who can provide that. He is calm and cool but ready to use his special skills on a moment’s notice. Emma on the other hand would need the voice of a tough and powerful woman. This allows her to keep on Mochi’s toes and sweet talk him when necessary.

Remington, The Basset Hound, 3 years

Quality Traits. Some of Remington’s (Remi for short) defining characteristics are his hound howl, which strikes fear in other neighborhood pets, his short legs and turned out paws, and his personality. He is friendly, easy-going, and people oriented!

Attention Lover. Remi’s biggest pet peeve really is any time the attention is not specifically on him. He demands to be seen and heard at all times! Other pet peeves include being moved from a deep slumber, when his humans prevent him from meeting new friends at the front door, and taking baths. 

Not a Lap Dog. Although Remi’s size does not qualify him to boast the title of a lap dog, he doesn’t let that stop him from acting as such. All 55 pounds of cuteness will hop up on the couch to curl up in your lap. He also enjoys sleeping right next to his humans. He prefers to be the little spoon, though, because of his large dog complex.

I Will Find You. Remi really identifies with Liam Neeson’s character in the movie Taken. The way Bryan Mills feels about finding his daughter is how Remi feels when his toys have been taken away. His humans say he lives his life by the following mantra: “If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have any money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired by my long nose. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my treats and toys go now, that’ll be the end of it.”