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A Connection of Colors

08/15/2019 10:20PM ● By Jessie Monsivais

By: Jessie Monsivais  Photo Courtesy of: Sandra Gonzalez

The newest colors embellishing downtown come from K Space Contemporary, where a mural surrounds the door of the non-profit organization’s building. Primary designer, Tony Armadillo, and muralist, Sandra Gonzalez headed a group of over 45 teens this summer during K Space’s Mural Arts Summer Camp.

Sandra says the mural, titled Connections, represents the historic roots connected to the K Space building. Previously a Kress Five and Dime store, the students and instructors have transformed the architecture’s aesthetic with a colorful display that alludes to innovative art movements on an exterior wall that was once only white.  

“We are using the technique that I learned while working for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program,” shares Sandra. “A great advantage of using the Philadelphia Mural Arts technique is how convenient it is. We use a special fabric that facilitates working indoors, safe from weather conditions – we do most of the painting in the studio.”

This technique further allows accessibility for the community to participate in creating the mural and has proven to withstand the elements for over 15–20 years. 

The five-week camp, geared towards teens ages 13 – 17, enabled students to not only learn the multiple-step process for creating the mural, but they also learned about teamwork and collaboration.  

“I feel happy and proud to be part of the K Space Contemporary Mural Arts Summer Camp. Our summer camp students are leaving their mark in our city,” Sandra shares passionately. “They are being part of beautifying Corpus Christi.  We are hoping to keep creating more murals around downtown.”

Visit the new mural located at 415 Starr St.