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Success Story: Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital

In June 2016, Larry Irwin awoke to an overwhelming dizziness, causing the entire room to spin.
After lying in bed, hoping that after a few hours, the feeling would subside, he ended up in the
emergency room at Spohn South, where he learned the life changing news of his medical

Although he did not have a stroke at the time, his high blood pressure, caused by a blood clot
blocking 20% of the blood flow to his brain, brought on the massive dizzy spells. He also learned
he would require surgery to remove the clot. En route to Spohn Shoreline, where the surgery
would take place, he suffered his first stroke, paralyzing the left side of his body from head to

Eight days later, he suffered a second stroke. Unfortunately, Larry was unable to receive the
surgery due to the high possibility of a fatal stroke on the table. He began taking blood thinners,
and started his physical therapy at Spohn Shoreline, where he learned to walk with a walker.

His third stroke, in 2017, prompted his visit to the Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Center.
Although he wanted to receive physical therapy at Spohn Shoreline, since he was well
acquainted with the staff, there was no room available. His doctor recommended CCRH, and
although he was skeptical, Larry knew he needed the therapy, and decided to give it a shot. The
entire staff, from the therapists to the housekeepers made the facility feel like a second home,
and for that he is extremely grateful. “People were so kind and helpful there. I fell in love with
this place because of the people who work there,” says Larry of his time spent at the CCRH.

A few weeks ago, in late June, a hurt knee caused by a fall rendered Larry immobile, prompting
another visit to the CCRH. Larry recalls the excellent care he received from the doting staff,
“they gave me medicine, put ice packs on my knee, and helped me exercise in bed.” He adds, “I
went in on a stretcher, and within 14 days, I was walking out.”

Prior to his stroke, Larry was very active. Riding mountain bikes 30 miles both ways and
working out at the gym four times a week were among his favorite activities. Although Larry,
now 51, would love to get back to his usual active lifestyle, for now, he is focusing on learning to
walk without his walker and regain his strength.