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Great Minds Drink Alike

07/01/2019 12:17PM ● By Laura Shaver

By: Laura Shaver Photos By: Rachel Benavides

It’s around a table that friendships are made and business is handled – and that’s precisely the atmosphere driving Corpus Christi’s newest full-fledged production brewery, Nueces Brewing Company. Located on South Water Street, the addition complements the growth in the city’s downtown district at the perfect time.

What started as a dream ten years ago began to take shape in 2016 when Cale Moore, co-owner of Nueces Brewing, landed in Corpus Christi because of a job move. Six months later, co-owner Brandon Harper showed up and said, “Let’s do it. Let’s open a brewery.”

They found their building right away, but it was unavailable at the time. “We drove by it and knew it would be awesome,” Moore says. “It was old, it looked like an expired skating rink.” By the time they got other business logistics in place, it was up for lease, and the owners jumped on it.

There’s a huge wall in the back of the tap room that still features some retro painted palm trees. “With that ‘Miami Vice,’ beach feel from the 1980s,” says Moore. It’s a tribute to the paintings they first found on the walls throughout when they made the move.

The brewery boasts 3,000 square feet of space to mix and mingle among both friends and strangers. There are large, wooden picnic-style tables in the main room, as well as a 1,800-square-foot deck out back, for all kinds of conversations to be had. “That’s how I got into home brewing,” says Moore, “by sitting across a picnic table from a friend and starting a conversation.”

Both Moore and Harper thrive on the laid-back atmosphere of our city by the sea, and set out to implement that same vibe into their new business through both atmosphere and décor choices.

“The theme of everything we do here is basically ‘go play outside,’” says Moore. The tap room features earth-like materials such as wood, stone, and concrete, a color palette of coastal blues is seen throughout, and tons of big windows allow natural light to flood in. All of these design choices were made in an effort to bring the outside in, so customers can sit, chat, relax, and enjoy a brew.

The brewery’s overall goal is to make quality beer that will bring people together. “We just make good beer,” says Moore. “We are not caught up in the who’s who of beer and who does what to their beer. It’s just good.”

As they open their doors this summer, Nueces Brewing will be creating four different brews, all well balanced in flavor with one thing in common: They are light and refreshing.

The brewery offers plenty of space for food trucks, and the owners plan to build their own kitchen in the future. But first, they will work toward canning their created beers and delivering to stores, bars, and restaurants around the city.

Moore knew when he arrived in Corpus Christi it would be a place to stay. “I saw a good thing happening here. Even in the last three years, the revitalization of the downtown area has been incredible.”

And Nueces Brewing Company is thrilled to be on the forefront of more development for the south side of downtown. “This is going to be the place to be,” he says … “with a cold beer in hand.”

401 S. Water Street

FB, IG, and Twitter: @nuecesbrewing