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Person Of Intrest: Meet Lindsey Vasquez

07/01/2019 12:15PM ● By Kylie Cooper

Conversation by: Kylie Cooper Photo By: Lillian Reitz

-What exactly is HABLAMOS?

HABLAMOS is the Coastal Bend’s premier Spanish Language School for adults and children. We offer comprehensive Spanish immersion-based summer camps, adult Spanish language courses, and Medical Spanish classes. HABLAMOS also offers professional Spanish translation and interpreting services.

-How did the initial idea of opening the school come about?

My husband and I met in Trujillo, Honduras while both working as physicians. We moved to Corpus Christi in 2015, and have been raising our four bilingual children to appreciate the Spanish language and their Hispanic heritage. As a 3rd generation Mexican-American from Texas, the Spanish language has been very important my whole life, both professionally and personally, and it has opened so many doors and connections. My husband is a native immigrant of Honduras, and when we got to Corpus Christi, he felt empowered to become a teacher of the Spanish language in the public school system.  We as a family wanted to find a way to offer Corpus Christi something it is missing culturally: a professional Spanish Language School. For all those who want to connect to their heritage, or to learn Spanish for their job, or help their children speak Spanish – given it’s the second most spoken language in the world – we have created HABLAMOS. 

-So, you and your husband decided to take on this journey together. Why do you think it was so important for you to do it as a team?

God placed us together on this journey 11 years ago and we continue to try to make a difference, not only for the community but also for our church and family.

-You both worked as physicians before this. What has the transition from physician to teacher been like for you both?

I continue to practice OB/GYN in the community as an OB hospitalist helping to elevate maternal safety at Bay Area Hospital. My husband has truly loved coaching soccer and teaching the youth of Corpus Christi about the beauty and value of the Spanish language in the public school system while concomitantly inspiring these teenagers to strive for their best.

-Why do you think something like this didn’t already exist in our area?

I believe the demand for Spanish speakers, especially in the Coastal Bend, is more prevalent now than it ever used to be.

-What do you hope the school does for our community?

We envision that HABLAMOS will help the community relish the beauty of the Spanish language, while allowing everyone to connect on a deeper cultural level.

-How important would you say it is for others to make it a point to learn languages other than their native language, and why?

It is and will continue to be very important to learn other languages given the ever-changing demographics of the world. It allows you to see others in a new light, and opens doors that you never knew existed before.


5702 S. Staples St. Corpus Christi, TX 78413