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Five Best: Oat Milk Beverages

07/01/2019 12:09PM ● By Julieta Hernandez
By: Julieta Hernandez Photos By: Rachel Benavides

There’s a lot to say about oat milk, but the creamy new experience of this trending non-dairy milk is just about as delicious as the simple benefits. A recent runner-up in the revolution of milk subs, oat milk is naturally just a little sweet, has B vitamins, and is just as great for bone health in general. It’s lactose-, soy-, and nut-free, which makes this an all-inclusive choice for your morning cup of coffee, no matter how you take it. Incorporated into our favorite cups around the Coastal Bend, here are the five best oat- milk drinks.

An Oat Milk Latte from Roasted Coffee Shop.
Latte art with most non-dairy milks can be a little underwhelming, but thanks to the rich texture of oat milk that makes it latte-art friendly, we can stay sipping pretty. Additionally, there’s nothing like a straightforward latte to appreciate the combination of oats and Roasted’s espresso blend. But don’t take it from us: We’ve heard their customers lose it when they run out. 5535 Bonner Dr.

An Americano from Aztec with a splash of oat milk. The only thing better than a piping hot Americano from this specialty coffee house in Ingleside is the generous splash of cold oat milk to cool it down a little. Visit them for a quieter morning cup at 2793 Main St in Ingleside, or view their menu at aztec-

A Matcha with oat milk from Bien Mérité. Matchas have never been creamier than when they’re made with oat milk. The strong, sweet flavor complements the naturally sweet flavors of matcha, and the combination makes for a rather sophisticated wake-me-up. 1316 S Staples St.

An oat milk “Iceuccino” from Crescendo. For frozen drink lovers, Crescendo’s “iceuccino” selections can all be blended with oat milk, which pairs perfectly with their unique flavors. For an excellent pairing, the Reveal (caramel, coffee, and peach) is a match made in taste-bud heaven for oat milk. Check out the new cafe on 5118 S Staples St.

An iced latte from Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market with oat milk. Ice cold oat milk is glorious enough, but drinking it in one of Eleanor’s iced latte’s gives us that refreshing “first sip” feeling. The best iced latte joins us this summer with an oat flair, and you can pick yours up at Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market. 4231 S Alameda St.