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Nueces Brewery Keeps On Celebrating

06/27/2019 01:42PM ● By Michela May

By: Michela May Photo By: Rachel Benavides

After such a successful grand opening at the Nueces Brewing Company, they will be hosting a different type of meet and greet for beer lovers to join in this evening. The brewery will by having a beer yoga night, where they will be using up their massive outside deck for whoever wishes to relax and taste some of their specialty crafted Coastal Bend beers. Sounds like an exciting evening, especially with these exuberant owners!

The yoga class will be an hour long and even includes the first beer within the ticket price. It begins at 7:30 pm and ends right at sunset for maximum relaxation. Water Dog Floating Yoga will be the yoga host for the evening and has always been one to dabble in creative classes like this, so they have a bit of experience up their sleeves. But this is an all-levels yoga class! Many of the moves are friendly for beginner crowds—just make sure to bring a mat and a love for beer.

You may even want to stay for dinner; Coastal Sol will be parked right outside Nueces Brewing for the evening serving up some of their local favorites.

This yoga night is meant to slow everyone down and focus your mind on being present, which can be especially difficult when holding a beer in almost every pose. It can seem daunting when you start worrying about spilling a drink, but it truly does focus the mind and provides an outlet for concentration.

Registration for the class is limited and will need a pre-registration for people to join, so make sure you grab a ticket soon!

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